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App keeps closing! Normally I would rate this app 5*, its convenient and easy to use but recently I keep getting a message on screen saying 'unfortunately ebay has stopped'. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no joy! Very annoying when your in the middle of browsing thru a search or trying to bid on something! Sort it please ebay!

Can't save search specific items Everytime I set a save search and refine it show specific items. It continues to show everything rather than what I want to see only. Example. I choose nes games only. Save the search and name it. Go back into the saved search. It shows every game instead! Am I doing something wrong. Or is it fixable from a update?

Messages Would have given 5 stars but because wont update messages in app, i am giving 3. App shows there are new messages but when open inbox nothing new. To see latest messages have to log in to site. Wierd!

I buy at eBay since 2009 Using this app whatever want to have some fast peak into my account or if have interest fast in a few items,problem for me is,I live in UK,Germany,France and in few other europien country,I would love to see the option to filtrate my search query,to show only items from Europe,so I could buy them and get them faster,because at the moment its just not there and I'm not really interested in USA or china shippers,on PC no problem,this is what keeps me off from using eBay on android

Search issues While I can navigate through categories, the search feature simply doesn't work. When submitting a search term the app just doesn't do anything limiting usage to only checking items I am bidding on or watching.

Saved searches in categories This has been bugging me for awhile now. I like to save searches when I know exactly what I'm looking for. So I type in the item I'm searching for, click a few specific categories, and save the search. But when I go back to saved searches from the main menu, the item is there but not its relative category. For example: I search for Moto X in Cellphone & Smartphone and pick Verizon as the carrier and then save the search as that. When I return to search, it Moto X with all the carriers not just Verizon.

Becoming excellent Recent updates and ui changes have really improved the app. As a business seller in theory I could run everything from the app alone if necessary. However, bulk feedback and dispatch notification leaving would be brilliant, as currently doing them individually is a pain.

If only.. Installing this app should make the system prompt the user to chose wither they want to open an eBay link using this app or the browser.

Nice, needs some minor improvement. Nice, lets you follow your purchases, Messages, follow up and communication in general. Only watch list is editable. Wish it would have lists management and option to hide not winning items.

An oversight.! How a dev can release an update without testing it's stability is beyond me. Often I'm not even logged in before I get the notification stating that I've been logged out. It reeks of sloppy and inefficient programing protocols. I'm not impressed.. Recommend to install eBay APK.

Where's the tablet version?! This apps is great on my phone. Interface is nice and responsive. But where is the tablet version. Its painful and ugly to use on my Nexus 10!! Stretched rows and all. I thinks its becoming a bit embarrassing for eBay to not have a tablet interface yet.. Recommend to take eBay APK.

#selling-stuff Like the new update! Took a few minutes to find where things were. Like that you can look at feedback in positive, neutral etc would give the app 5* if I could send an invoice without having to use the computer

#get-good-deals UGH on recent update....! You now cant do text based searches within a specific users when trying to refine the automatically searches all of ebay every time now .....sux

Awesome! The app is clean, easy to navigate and quick to load and operate. The notifications are great and not too frequent and it's great for reminding you when items are ending soon.. Recommend to install eBay APK.

#saving-money Good, but tweak feedback.! Overall good app. I use it daily. Only drawback is I'd like to be able to pull up all negative and/or neutral feedback for a user without having to scroll through ALL their feedback to see it. Negative and neutral feedback is vital to my buying decisions. You're able to do this on a computer, but not with the app. AFTER UPDATE: like changes to feedback but will take time to adjust to some of the new changes.

Fantastic app! Have to give it to eBay, this is a brilliant app, I haven't used the website in ages because this app is so much more easier to use and loads up far quicker.

#window-shop Exceeded Usage Limit?! The same thing happened to me, Rodney. It says I've exceeded usage limits on this call, and then something about an API call? When I clear the data and cache, and try to login, it said I was typing in the incorrect information. ...Ebay? I uninstalled the app and I'm well install it again. Hopefully it won't happen again, but, I have a feeling it will.

Ok...! Please fix the "track package" option. It should actually track the package you bought. I just searches it on google, which doesnt always actually track where my product is.

Getting better...! Better looking and better layout with some extra features but now too many problems. Notifications are often late or non-existant, international posting automatically turned on when listing items even when repeatedly removed and the app keeps closing or returning to home menu when trying to view my purchase list even after latest update. Good feature to be able to save multiple drafts although not actually tried it. Perhaps we could be able to view shopping basket?

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