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Love it Very easy search engine.. good dealings and most importantly secure enough. The only thing that bothers me is not much offers as I have been shopping for over a year.. Recommend to take eBay APK

Found what I wanted! My little brother wanted his old spiderman doll that he had 13 years ago! He is now 17, I was shocked by his request..But I managed to find it, so I'm very glad I found it in the first search.. Recommend to install eBay APK

Really good at what it does but limited I actually like this app very much, what it does, it does very well, I exclusivity do all of my eBay shopping through this app, so why the three stars? There are many things I can do on the desktop website that I can't do in the app, my dream is to one day get rid of my laptop for good however that's not yet completely feasible due to these apps being more limited than the desktop website. One example would be returning an item, I can't open a case if I have an issue with a purchase, gotta use the website.. Recommend to take eBay APK

Love this app, but feels a bit cluttered For my fellow shopaholics this site is great, I've never had a problem eBay or a seller didn't fix, the bidding time ending notifications usual always come in just fine, although I like Amazon's setup allot better, it's more user friendly and shipping time doesn't really compare, eBay doesn't hold a flame to Amazon prime, which some prime items arrive in one day. EBay still deserves their five stars for customer service, prices and variety. I would REALLY like recommendation pics on the home screen. Recommend to download eBay APK

checkout error & can't buy more Just updated, looks good But there is 2 issues. 1. Checkout error for multiple purchases, it's only allowing 1 item per transaction but appears like all. only noticed as cash was less. Still in cart tho, just checkout error. 2.Once I've bought an item I cannot purchase another. Before this update but after last, I was able to do this (ish) I was able to buy another but only same type (makes the seller's multi listing redundant) 2 updates ago I was able to do this. Please fix. Recommend to take eBay APK

Drives me crazy! I have to reset my refinements every every time I shop. I use the same ones all the time. Is there any way to just leave the settings alone?? See what you can do. Please.. Recommend to get eBay APK

Update !! THANKS FOR FIXING YOUR BROKEN UPDATE !! Working great now am finally able to leave feedback, view items and track shipping Thanks again great app once again. Recommend to download eBay APK

This update is not so good I've been using eBay on mobile for a few years, why did they change the similar items option??? Other settings have improved with each update, 4 stars this time

Yea its ok. It all works, its mostly all there, quick enough when you need to snipe stuff off serial bidders, well sometimes. New layout isn't as good as it was so don't update it.

Having a good experience thus far. Got slammed with a ton of extra charges with my first few purchases so just be care ful and buy things one at a time.. Recommend to take eBay APK

:/ New version is slow, takes more data and doesn't let me buy anything off the app. The last version is 10x better

What happened? :( This app worked just fine last night, now it won't even let me sign in :( Five stars again once it's fixed!

Session expired I was wondering why I stop getting bids on 4 items that ended today. I lost at least $100 today. Everyone seem to get logged out including myself. Lucky for low bidders. Thanks!

Unable to Add New Saved Search? I guess I'm the only one not having issues with the new app (on a Galaxy s5), EXCEPT for that I cannot add new Saved Searches. This was an issue prior to the update as well. Tried deleting about 10 of my existing ones, still cannot add a new one. What's the deal?. Recommend to download eBay APK

Missing Info The buyers address is missing some information. Town and postcode, kind of essential for posting things you've sold :/ edit. Still not as functional as the web site but getting there

Lacks some basic functionality. I have watch lists over 100 items. I want to be able to sort the watch list by seller so if I want to buy now I don't have to open every item to view the seller. Alternatively showing the sellers name below each item would work as well.

Slow If I make bid, it take too much time to confirm it. Make text in item description selectable, so we can use google translate.

Ok app needs one big improvement it needs to sync saved searches across devices. If I go through my searches on my phone I should not see 16 new searches on my tablet.

Needs estimated delivery This app would be absolutely perfect if it would include the estimated delivery dates. I find myself having to check it on the website when I'd love to be able to just use the app and not have to log in every time. The iOS version has this built-in, why not Android?

Need changes I would like to address 2 concerns for the app.1 EBay should have specific product feedback of items that the seller sold in relation to the current item purchased. 2 the app is missing a return selection in which you cancel a product before it gets shipped out if the buyer realizes before shipment that they don't wish to buy the product.

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