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Ok finally my ebay/paypal payment issues seem to finally be fixed. Just paid for an item and was the easy process I've had in months, makes a huge difference when ebay app runs well. Hopefully account don't go bananas again. Thanks Fantastic

•Fixed an issue with dark theme. -Ebay, in the WHATS NEW section. I don't even have a setting for a dark theme. Am I missing somthing? Otherwise, I still love they app and eBay! Thanks! Worth a go!

Good app...i will be soon trying to sell slime and other things.I brought my little sis a lol surprise from here and she loved it Worth it!

Love the app says something about about I can choose dark theme I don't see that option Surprisingly

I have been having the time of my life! I love being able to shop EBay right from my phone. I have found some incredible deals for household items that I needed, and saved a lot of money on (versus buying from a local store, or online elsewhere.) This is a wonderful tool. Thanks! Update: I use this app almost every day. It coordinates with my Calendar app somehow, and my the tracking info actually appears on my Calendar so I can see what days I should be receiving a package. Since I buy a lot of little stuff from China, my Calendar is littered with shipping notifications! Well done!!

I love eBay. Only issue is when browsing deals section on Mobile... If you click to look at an item and back out, it takes you back to the top of the page. Kinda annoying, but otherwise App is good. They have my business over Amazon. Amazing!

Ebay are straight shooters, honest with everything. & if you have a bad experience or mistake it is corrected with in a flash. I shop here before most in person stores and prefer Ebay over ScAmazon any day! Omg

It used to be better. E.g. if u buy an item, can't add to basket in a future purchase. Have to "buy another" immediately paying. It doesn't give you a choice. Just 1 of many probs. Sometimes easier to use desktop internet site. Fabulous!

It looks like you guys finally fixed the dark theme. The font shows everywhere now. But I do NOT want dark theme all the time!!! Please add a setting to switch between dark and light themes. Marvelous

Good but would be better if they got rid of all the fake products that I keep reporting but they do nothing about... Hey, taking their 10% cut of criminal money is money, and money talks! Mainly I report fake batteries as they are blatantly fake but they never get stopped :( Great!

App is ok but why do I still get notifications on items ending when I stopped watching them weeks ago? Turned all notifications off still got them. Logged out turned device of logged back in, no change. I'm beginning to wonder who is in control. Worth a go!

Dark theme is poorly implemented, time left is black text on black background so can't be seen. Kinda a fundamental UI fail, makes you wonder if the devs actually use the app. Must have

I buy so much from EBay each month. There's low prices and quality merchandise. I sell things too and find the seller charges very reasonable. I like being able to use PayPal, its a more secure way of shopping. Not bad

It keeps saying I'm an international buyer when making an offer! Please fix this otherwise I'll take my custom elsewhere love it

Has been tweeted so you can remove ended watched items, rather than having to go to a computer and delete items. Still finding that there are more sort options on the computer to remove unwanted items. Muito bom!

Some messages are not being sent. And the app represents only a part of the normal ebay functions. I still have it installed on the phone just for the notifications and i am using ebay on my browser for everything else. wow lol

Hasn't disappointed me in 20 years. The times that I didn't exactly get what I paid for eBay resolve the issues quickly for me. That to me is a big deal and for that they have my loyalty. Recommend

After March 21 update, I am now having problems deleting recently viewed items. Constantly get error code 288021. Perfect!

I think The app developers are to be update the app and add some more facility's like Other shopping apps...the purchasing history..tracking... customer care ete.. Ebay is very old ecommerce site why the app is very limited options ? Great!

I can't believe Wish is a more popular app, everyone is cheap I guess and doesn't mind waiting three weeks for delivery Superb!

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