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I have been using this app for a little over 6 months. It sends my birthday wishes, it tracks my mail and packages, and it reminds me of events that I have scheduled. This is an excellent app. Update**** I've been using this app for quite awhile now and it seems that you can no longer add your own pictures to birthday messages. Every time I try it says failed. I rather liked that feature. Good

I really like this app a lot...I can turn off notifications from all my email and calendars, etc... and get everything in one place. I removed one star for the lack of a widget. This would be perfect if I could glance at a screen widget instead of opening the app up. Pretty good

One of my longest running apps used on both iPhones and Android devices I have the premium membership and I absolutely love it. Must have

It's a great app and it works well on iOS. Unfortunately it is not possible to use it on Android because you cannot authorize Gmail accounts because of an oAuth error. Really unfortunate and kind of a basic error considering that most people use Gmail. Perfect!

Very helpful. Coordinates several things so I can look in one place for everything I need Works perfectly

It was fine and I liked it but now it won't let me sign in with Google or connect my Gmail accounts. I get a 403 authorization error. If they'd fix this it'd be great! Surprisingly

It's okay. Subscribed for a year but didn't renew, not worth the cost, way too expensive. Recommend

It's a very good app to schedule people's birthdays. Never forget a birthday again! Well done!!

Yes thanks you much appreciate everything....but where my status is always trouble I'm innocent to all negative issue for us thank you and advanced Worth a go!

You need to implement material design standards. You have all the features of a great app. Perhaps we could discuss business models? I live your idea but it needs work. Let me know! Fantastic

Novice Critique App is overall useful and helps me most with organization! Only issue seems to be with my contacts in the option to combine similar contacts found throughout my accounts. No material impact to contacts as a whole though so really is just an annoyance. Never seems to complete the suggested edits. Perfect!

This App Is Great I Love ❤ how this app knew pretty much every little place to go to be able to find any & all info about me so basically easy as Download then open the app, press "OK" a few times to "Allow" the App through your devices "Permissions" & then you give it a minute & walla what do you have? Everything you need to remember. Brilliant

Not all wishes are delivered I wish my Facebook friends birthday wish, it gets sent from my end but it is never delivered, do we have to buy in app purchases so that our messages gets delivered, please clarify Not bad

Works well I don't use it all the time but I like it as it does have some really nice features. Fabulous!

Great App Keeps me on time and offers suggestions. Thanks, oftentimes I need the prompting. Must have

Well-organized Very good at keeping track of shipments and appointments. It loses a star for not being as good at being intuitive when setting up. wow lol

Helpful This app is really great for me to stay on track and know when my package are delivered. Extremely helpful yo me. Works well with Galaxy S5 Well done!!

Took me a while but I really like it. The app grabs scheduled appointments reservations and tracking. It also works with alexa and makes my life easier Surprisingly

Note 4 Nice app. Trouble loading sometimes but I do like receiving the notifications and reminders. Brilliant

Nice app but... Can't give it 5 stars due to the cost versus functionality features seem right disappear and it's not consistent with my Gear S2... Recommend

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