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Has bugs but info is timely and useful. I'd like to be able to select an alert zone in future versions Must have

Nice app,very helpful.It would make even more logical sense if you can have link to earthquake preparedness tips Worth a go!

Muy buena aplicación, me avisó con 30 segundos de anticipación en el temblor del 25 de diciembre de la ciudad de México Enjoy it!

An excellent app, accurate and timely but I'm only monitoring. I just hope it works in as timely a fashion if ever there's a quake by me. I'm sure it will though based on what I've seen so far. A must have app for anyone living in active areas, those few extra seconds could make all the differences. 10/10 if I could. Flawless

This is exactly what I've been looking for. It will totally compliment my news vlog! Keep up the by great work! Superb!

Los moderadores en este chat de español no tienen Buena actitud para lidiar con el chat uno se atrevió a decir que si él no está en el chat la sala se vuelve un establo!! Amazing!

Muy buena aplicación para estar al pendiente de los temblores y su magnitud, así como estar alerta a los temblores en tiempo real. Awesome

Good App, not very friendly but once you get the hang of it, gives you loads of information. Well done!!

I get to know in real time earthquakes faster than many other apps, notifications from all over the world and have many interesting tools to know what's happening in the world Must have

Great app It took some time for it to show the notification of the app working in background without necessarily opening the app, but now it does. Perfect

First of all is a great app, it does work ok, but I have a problem recently and it's that no matter how many times I've rebooted my phone and checked my configurations in the app and my settings and notifications and double checked that is indeed allowed to work in background it doesn't show the notification that indicates if is working on the background Am I the only with this problem? Can you please help me to fix this? wow lol

It's a great app, it does what it says and I have zero complaints only many thanks to Francesco Finazzi. Works great

Useful app, few times earthquake report belongs to other location and no fix...what's the time difference between event time and reported time by this app (sometimes is low others more than 45 minutes) Good

best app ever ! gives lot of info . the smartphone network works like a charm. Love the interface !!! Fabulous!

Excelente app! Ha estado avisandome correctamente de los temblores. La recomiendo ampliamente! Must have

Estoy en la ciudad de México y esta fue la única app que ha alertado correctamente réplicas y sismos leves después del 19 de septiembre wow lol

This app fills a real need in earthquake prone regions, but it could be much better. The UI needs a lot of work. Awesome

For me, earthquakes are a curiosity. Michigan typically gets small very localized events. This app satisfies my needs. Must have

My Galaxy Note 4 tells me this app is slowing down my phone - 10 errors in one week - What's up Dev? Will go back to 5-stars when it's fixed Marvelous

I love this app. The app informs me with an alarm seconds before an earthquake happens. I am from Ecuador and is one of the most dangerous countries to live because of the earthquakes and volcanoes. I lost my mommy and my stepfather in a 7.8 earthquake April 16 2016. My goal is for all Ecuadorians to download this app. God Bless and keep up the good work. Thank you Perfect

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