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Must have for Math lovers If you are a math major, professor, or just genuinely curious about math or in particular nonlinear systems then get this app. It's useful, it's fun, and it's educational. SUGGESTION: Have a bifurcation parameter option so you can progress the value of the bifurcation back and forth across a specified interval. Also possibly have the ability to classify fixed points

Incredible A much much better way to visualize systems than vector fields. My only wishes are that you could see tick marks or some indication of values on each axis, the ability to pan around (e.g. for predator prey model in the first quadrant), and some way to make the system full screen (hide the input bar)

Rk How do I share and could you add it so we can put these as our wallpapers also I love your apps I have every single one

One Small Suggestion This app is a fantastic tool. My thought is that since many dynamical systems take place on a torus or a cylinder, the user should be able to specify. All I mean is that the user should be able to state whether a particle flying off to the right will keep going or at some point reappear on the left. That would be a cylinder, for a torus you would have the same property on the top and bottom as well. That would expand the use of this app to angular dynamical systems like the damped driven pendulum. Cheers!

Incredible, simple, mechanics!!! Of every app similar to this....I'm speechless. Just incredible. I suggest that the user can select a particle and that selected particle would bypass the duration of set particles, so the user can see the settings in action. =)

Wow! Highly recommended! This is just the thing i was looking for! A light and portable tool right in my hand to use in a jiffy! You guys rock! One prob I just found was that you've used rulers method for integration (for efficiency). But this runs into wrong results fr second order systems. Can you please replace it with RK4 in an update??

Wonderful I did find very useful in 2d for phase space visualization and in 3d to simulations of central forces ^_^ many thanks!

Review Wish I had seen this app a long time ago. I think it would be a useful educational tool to help professors draw connections between systems using comparable matrices & graphs. Awesome job to the people responsible for getting this app on the market.

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