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Really like the look and functionality. Only issue is I really really wish you could set weather location to zip code or city and not have to have GPS active for weather update Enjoy it!

Works well, mostly. Compass stopped working and nothing I do restores it. Other apps from this developer are equally buggy. Fantastic

Overall looks good. Only complaint is that some of the complications (weather for example) display off centre, which detracts from the visual. Marvelous

I really like how it looks, even after getting the 2.0 update on my Gen 1 Urbane! Perfect!

Good face for the price. When changing settings they don't update right away. Phone battery display is always slow to refresh making the option undesirable. Must have

Amazing WatchFace, sometimes the settings seem to go unresponsive and you have to go to ambient then back to active for it to update. Would also love a flashlight shortcut Keep up the good work love it

This is an awesome face... If only it synced Google Fit steps, wud have been a five star watch Brilliant

Good, could be great. This is my favourite watch face atm. Using it with a Huawei W1 watch. Settings don't update straight away on the watch. Specifically when you press the change colour button on the watch face, you have to do something else (swipe left and right) on the watch before you see the change. This does however work if you have just selected this face but after a while it stops working. Superb!

Displays for a Minute!!!! I asked the Creator to make the second hand stay on for a minute. I use this on my watch when I am working EMS. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Worth it!

Stylish! Very stylish sport looking watchface! Just one minor bug report: counter of missed calls and text messages won't reset, even after I checked messages on both phone and watches. Btw, if you could make small digital time a world time, where you can select different timezones, that would be very helpful. Overall great product!! Thank you! Just wow

Its ok The compass is absolutely useless as it simply is not accurate. If I turn it off I'd rather it disappear completely. ALSO changes I make in the app don't translate to the watch unless I switch watch faces. In addition the color tab doesn't work when I have it on the watch face. If these are fixed I could change to 5 stars. HAUWEI WATCH. Fabulous!

Awesome The problem with this watch face is that now I have it no other will do, it's very customisable, the colours are vivid and stand out and I always come back to this one. I do however feel that the developer should apologise for the lack of sales to to other watch faces. Enjoy it!

It doesn't get better than this I've tried just about every decent face out there, and I just keep coming back to this one. Nothing comes close to how good this one looks. I have it set up in a bright green. Looks great on both my LG Urbane and my TAG Connected. Works great

Nice but.... I really like the design and its my favourite watch face. But the phone battery information does not update constantly and only shows correct percentage when I change to another watch face and then back again. Please fix and I will give 5 stars. The watch is Lg watch Urbane Cool

Great watch face except for ambient mode The watch face is fantastic. The features are great, the customization is great. The only thing holding a 5 star rating back is how spartan the ambient mode is. It's either a digital watch face or its the full face in grayscale that's not saving much juice. Not a huge issue though, and it's worth the buy. Great!

Love the customability of this watch face, and it looks great too. There are two options that don't currently work, however. The "OK Google in center" and "Compass" check boxes don't have any effect on the display. I don't care about the OK Google since I don't want it cluttering up the display anyway, but the ability to disable the compass would be cool since I don't use it. If it worked and used the extra space to make the face slightly bigger, that would be awesome. Too bad it doesn't do anything. 5 star

Loved the new interactive options, but would love a bit more flexibility in choosing which apps to have shortcuts. Would love Hangouts, new Android Wear Weather and Shazam. Highly Recommend.

Great watch face, but the step counter is significantly out of sync with the real steps I am taking. Fabulous!

Great watch face, love interactivity and animations, but I struggle to find stopwatch shortcut, would be awesome to have one Amazing!

Installed here and compass did not work. N5 and 360. Update: Thank you for the response, installed again and it is now working. Pretty good

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