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Game is very good but UI must be improved. Sometimes there is bug that some cards are worn even if they must not be there Well done!!

Хорошая игра. Есть один минус, иногда несколько дней подряд вообще не везет с раздачей, но это можно потерпеть. Omg

Everything is good. One bad thing is cant make your accout. If you format your phone you cant continiu the game with one accout, you have to sign again with new accout. Well done!!

It would be nice to add sound alarm or vibration when somebody trying to connect to player's game. Sometimes it takes a while to wait for the game, and if player not looking at display, he can loose the second player. Было бы круто добавить notification в виде звука или вибрации, когда кто-то подключается к твоей игре. Иногда приходится ждать до минуты, и чтобы не пропустить второго игрока, если отвлекся от экрана, эта функция была бы полезной. Cool

Great game but the UI should be updated to the current materialistic standards. And if i lose my (mobile) connection I lose my bet too, that's a bit unfair cause I cannot avoid nor provoke this occurrence! Must have

Yeah thats bad that i can't sign up on another device. My phone broke and i bought a new one but i can't get in my old account. Highly Recommend.

Amazing gameplay!! Pretty good game. Than others.., easy to understand.. everything's good.. nice game Muito bom!

Common... These connection problems are so annoying. I lose so many games couse of that. Still the best durak there is out there but tha laaaggg. Plz fix it. And it be nice so you could add a lose/win counter. Makes any game more interesting with it. Keep up the good work and fix connections. Thanks Brilliant

Все хорошо.....вот только почему при последней раздаче карт, когда у тебя остается 4 карты, а у соперника 2 - тебе отдают последние 2 !!!!????? И что получается - у него 2 карты, у тебя 6 !!! = Это бред!!! Все прекрасно знают, что последние карты делятся поровну!!! Исправте пожалуйста!!! А иногда у меня на руках вообще лишь 5 карт, вместо 6 положеных! 5 star

Bug on 5.1 не могу пополнить кредиты,идет бесконечная загрузка Marvelous

It's a great game. It's completely annoying trying to choose the match you want because it keeps changing spots. it is really really annoying. Takes time to click on the one you want. Awesome

Норм 1000 мало на 24 часа сделайте 2500 и сделайте чтобы на золото можно было играть Flawless

A lot of bugs The game ia fine but quite annoying. There's often a connectivity issues, network lags, and also when room is set to "tricking" allowed, sometimes it won't let you tap the card, which causing me to lose like a fool... Please fix these issues Works perfectly

Супер! Только поделите сервера по высоте ставок.. а то бывает сложно найти противника, приходится прыгать с сервера на сервер. Спасибо! Worth a go!

I love durak But -1 because sometimes there are 5 cards on table (opposite player has a card left in his hand) and I want to give a 6th card but it doesn't even let me... it is with normal rules without turining so I presume there is a bug or it was just an error but I has hapoend too often to go unnoticed by me :/ Not bad

Can't open it after the's already the second day. everything is ok with wifi but it can't connect to the server wow lol

Great game, 1 thing that bother me. No draws. For example, I have 1 card left and its a kozer, you go to me, you have 1 card left as well but as long as you release your card first you win. BS. Earn your victories! Good

Пока тянет на 3-ечку 1.Не могу загрузить аватарку (could not load crop app) 2. Не могу отредактировать имя 3. Был лаг игра тупо остановилась и мы смотрели друг на друга кто первый выйдет и сдастся. (Asus Zenfone 2) Great!

Жрёт батарею На HTC One m7 очень сильно жрёт батарею, телефон быстро разряжается и прилично греется. Сможете исправить - будет 5 баллов, но пока только тройка. Cool

Hooked I learned to play 6 weeks ago with my Latvia friend after poker and was instantly addicted. This app has great features and playability. Maybe a few more options for the emojis so you can have more banter but great game great app. Worth it!

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