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Duolingo is really a very good app for those who r aspiring to learn foreign language. If u use the app daily I would say that we can definitely learn the language. I cannot say that u will become fluent but surely it will be helpful. The most amazing thing in this that u don't have any ads. The app is also well customized that u don't need to spend a lot of time just adjust ur interest level and play on. So addictive on the positive note. Definitely would recommend it to all. Omg

Almost perfect. I wish they had a Mic feature for practicing pronunciation. I also wish they had a grammar reference for folks who want to dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of proper usage. But I am really having fun, and this is one of the best apps on the store. Flawless

I love this app! My friend is learning Swedish and she's becoming fluent Surprisingly

Best app based language program, bar none! Pleasing, well designed layout and helpful feedback and support are just some of the features of Duolingo that keep me engaged and coming back daily! Muito bom!

Love it! It's super easy to use and makes learning a new language easy and fun. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to learn a new language. Cool

This amazing . I can any language I want from it . Soon I'll all the languages I want to speak from this app . Not bad

It would be nice to connect it to facebook so you can easily follow your friends! It seems to have the option but it's broken for me (at least). Another bug is the feedback (in spanish Sugerencias) option in the menu (it doesn't let you give feedback! It's a sharing option :/). In the other hand, the button to exercise past units (corner at the right) should work with the exams (to bypass an unit) dynamic! It would be much more funny! Must have

The last time I used Duolingo, it was okay. There's a lot more skills now which I love. I absolutely love the bonus skills, I believed having more would be great for the beginners who want to understand the basic of everything so they could have the conversation going with the native or a fluent speaker. For the errors I had spotted, the voice wouldn't work at times and I was worried that I won't able to pronounced the words properly without the voice there. Go well

So far so good. Loving it. I used to be proficient in Italian 25 years ago and this has helped me quite a bit on getting back on track. Not sure how qell it wouks be for someone's first time exposure to a language though. Also, not goos for children who cant type or spell as these things are needed for this to work. But as i said, im loving it so far for my situation. Superb!

I knew a girl who told me in Spanish that she has learned it with this app but I was astonished because she spoke like Spanish were her first language. I have been trying Italian and German for a few weeks and I love it. It just a matter of time for me to reach my goals. It has been almost two years and I can tell how I have improved. Awesome

I love the redundancy of each lesson. It helps to make it muscle memory and engrain it into my head. It goes over stuff in previous lessons to jog your memory too. So excited to go to Germany in September. Regardless of if they speak English or not I'm still going to try conversing in German. Great job

I think this app is great! I use it alot, but I do wish it had a word look-up. The add pop ups are minor and don't invade the learning process, which is awesome, super easy to use. Family friendly. Totally recommend it for kids in foreign language classes to add practice. Enjoy it!

It should also tell some basic rules with which judgement of solutions become easier.Some rules,if known,make translation easy.But in this app we have to recognise patterns and then we get hints of some rule being followed. This consumes much more time. Amazing!

I'm loving this app. I just wish there was a keyboard with the language appropriate extra characters or alphabet built into each language choice. I'm learning Swedish and the app doesn't give me the extra letters I need so I don't get errors in my learning. That's the only drawback I've seen. Works great

Just started the Russian course a few days ago, my one complaint is there really wasn't a standalone alphabet section just straight to simple words. Time will tell if I raise my rating. There are very few native speakers where I live, so my retention and comprehension have yet to be tested. Works perfectly

After having a Spanish boy start in my pre k class, he inspired me to learn his language to communicate with him, instead of just expecting him to learn mine. This app is great help. I use it along with the podcast (which I don't understand yet but am learning) and a variety of youtube spanish videos that I listen to on my commute to work. I am dedicated, and it's all thanks to a sweet little boy and Duolingo! wow lol

I've been using Duolingo to help me teach myself French for about a year now, sometimes on and off. It's really a great app because it gives lessons in easily manageable chunks that are organized into categories. Though I will admit, I have resorted to YouTube on occasion for some more in-depth grammar lessons from time to time because it is hard for me to move to new lessons when I don't fully understand something I just practiced. I suppose an app like this would be best used in junction with a language partner app like iTalki, to help you squeeze in speaking time with native speakers. I do that sometimes when I'm not too busy. Muito bom!

I am not a fan of the new crown system. Before I could clearly see which areas needed review and when. But now I don't seem to be able to do that. How am I meant to know what to review when and still make progress through the course? It was the reviews which really helped and mde this app stand out. Not bad

I am really enjoying duolingo. So much easier than trying to go to a class to learn a language. I always did poorly in French class as I don't learn well in that setting but this app is user friendly, fits nicely into my day, and is actually kind of fun. Never would have guessed that.'s free. Enjoy it!

Love this language app! It gives useful interactive lessons. Where most apps are just about memorization, this app helps you figure out the words relate, tenses, etc. (which God knows is different in every language)...before it starts working on memorization. So helpful, and addicting! Superb!

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