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Works well for what it does but that is very limited.! The digitised maps from the printed timetable are too small to read well and when enlarged dont have good enough resolution to read either. There is no way to set a destination and then get the bus interconnections. You have to know the routes and destinations before you can use this. Well done for trying though and perhaps it can be improved.. Recommend to get Dunedin Bus Timetable APK.

#real-time Works well! Pretty good. Some things I reckon would improve the app include: 1. Remember the last route you chose when you reopen the app (use SharedPreferences) so doesnt just default to Normamby to St Clair 2. When showing the next bus times (eg 25 minutes) also include the actual time. 3. Instead of a huge drop down with every combination of routes, would be good if had a drop down of departure points and then when you've chosen the departure point also show a second destination drop down. Would make it easier than scrolling through a big list of departures and destinations.

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