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So pretty much a good game but my only issue is that whilst playing the challanges section, it often takes me back to the main game and won't allow me to go back onto the challanges bit! Is this just my phone or a glitch with the game? A Over all though great game that has helped pass many an hour back stage of shows! Ps. To get rid of ads turn off wifi ir mibipe data Surprisingly

Game works very well, but DO NOT PAY TO REMOVE ADS!!!! Paid a week ago and still have to deal with an ad every time I need to restart. So annoyed and frankly, want the money back. If you don't want ads, don't download. Great!

Simple easy. Really challenging in the beginning. As you get used to the challenges and goals become realistic. Some of them really are pretty challenging. Game play is pretty. Pay attention to the first game you play any time you open the app as well as when you any background settings or is it the "land" setting? For the first time. Won't say why but there's an in game thing I noticed. Cool

Loads of fun. Learning curve is pretty high but that keeps me interested. I wish there was some kind of feedback when you tap to continue after you lose, I find myself tapping a few times and sometimes open ads or start playing before I want to because I think the app hasn't registered the tap but it's really loading. Works perfectly

Game has a lot of ads so I used $2.50 of google play credit I had to buy the "ad free" version of the game. Unfortunately, this changed nothing in the way of ads for me and I still continue to get just as many as before. Contacted the developer of the game multiple times only to get a generic response of how ads will only play when you click on an "opt in" bonus, which isn't true in my case. I also submitted a claim with the play store directly only to be redirected back to the developer, who has done nothing to solve my issue or refund my credit. The game does work well and is fun to play, however, be aware when purchasing the "ad free" version because in my case it is not as advertised. Omg

Super fun concept, but the rewards are underwhelming and there's a few odd bugs. One that really gets me is how you still get ads - after you pay to remove them. Still, I like the game because I can back out of ads, but it'd be great if they were actually removed. Perfect!

It would be better if paying for no ads actually worked. Not impressed at all paying almost $4 to have no ads only to play and after failing it gives me an ad that I can not skip until the timer runs out for it. Other than that it's a pretty fun game Works perfectly

Hey I just got a new phone and the game doesn't automatically know where I was like other games. I had a 762 score, and I had completed probably 32 challenges. It would be nice if it recognized my achievements and also that I paid for no ads. Superb!

The gameplay is fun and addicting but there's too many ads. Also, you should take the instructions out after its been played a couple times because it gets pretty annoying. Another thing is that the game just starts if I click a little bit maybe you should add a home screen and click a play button cuz otherwise it starts automatically. The most annoying thing was when I tried to go to challenges and the game starts because I missed the button by a little bit. Then I would have to die on purpose. It would make it easier to access the settings, challenges, etc. And honestly the worst thing about this game is that it has no music. It makes it so dull. Please make some of these changes and thanks for reading Works great

Stupid ads every 1 or 2 tries. The game is TRYING to annoy you to force your hand to buy the ad free version. Sorry but not worth it. Game is decent otherwise Well done!!

Hey this game is awesome. I got the thing to remove ads, and it doesn't work like what the French toast? Like can you guys please fix that? Ads are getting me really annoyed and I dead wasted money to remove the ads but they still play ads Just wow

The game is overall good but there are two things to mention. 1. It shows ad after everyone one or two games i play. 2. It has a glitch that is whenever i change the skin of land and play for first time the ball will go so much fast. Which I think is funny Works perfectly

I would give this game 5 stars if it didn't rip me off. I paid for premium on my old phone and it doesn't allow me to restore my purchase on my new device nor does it save your progress - that right there is a HUGE let down! Works perfectly

The ads aren't my favorite but what other way would they get money. Its really fun and addicting though. All around its just a great game considering its for a mobile device as well as it being awesome in general! Fabulous!

You get a free sandwich, it's good, but it's got some turd in it. You see there is an option for a turd free sandwich, you think, " yeah I'll pay for that". You get your sandwich and there is slightly less turd on it. It's still a sandwich with turd in it. The ads in this app are the turds in this narrative. Pretty good

Very laggy, way too many adverts for a free game. I actually like the game and would buy it if I got a decent chance of playing the game, but after almost every restart there is a 5 second advert of games that don't interest me at all. You guys lost my Just wow

I kinda like the game, hated the amount of ads... paid the almost 3 dollars for no ads and..still get an ad every 2 to 3 games ..slightly upsetting to say the least. Muito bom!

Fun! My only complaint is that I paid to have the ads removed and they still come up. I can back out of them immediately, but ad removal should completely remove them. love it

Cool game... I'm not happy with paying for NO adds and still SEEING ADDS. I gave you my money, you take away ADDS! Awesome

It's a great game. But there are way too many ads for this type of game. Just about every time you fail you'll get an ad that's between 15-30 seconds. I paid to remove ads and it never went away. Enjoy it!

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