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This game is just awesome I am not getting words to speak about this game Amazing!

I had this game in my old device I loved it I will share you what I'm doing tomorrow morning I will go in a trip to the Los Angeles I'm not moving, I will go there for a trip only! I exited!!!!!! Enjoy it!

I like that my 5 year old granddaughter plays on my phone. She has allergies and cannot have a real pet. She loves this puppy. Must have

Duddu is really cute...Thre are many places to visit...we can visit his friend's house too...Its a great time killing app... Amazing!

بهترین بازی بود که تا حالا بازی کردم Recommend

Very fun game!! Great for kids and I love the fact that the kids have to stop playing at times for duddu to sleep if they don't have many coins. That way they're not playing none stop! Muito bom!

Omg i love it mostly becuse when i saw it i was thinking like. I all ready had the cat kind Worth it!

Poderia só colocar um SPA & MASSAGE para o Duddu:-) . Por favor façam isso. Worth a go!

It is ssssssooooo fun❤️ Brilliant

Great time killer real fun but you have to buy things to unlock some of the sets Perfect!

This is so amazing you can make your own posion and there are music,school,club,hospital and falls that he can bath with i love it !!!!!! I am relly sorry for the people who deleted/uninstall it!!!!! Perfect

I lile this game but then the game just was adds so I deleted iy and got bubbu bubbu is a way better game and the guide are terrible Works great

I love this game! Duddu is lovely pet and when you are playing with he you feel happy! I love Bubbu too but Duddu is the best virtual pet in universe! Worth it!

I had it on my old tablet and had bought the pack(everything pack) and had a bunch of stuff was my fav game but it does not remember me now.(Im saying there should be a way to make an acount and save it to other devices) Fantastic

Still getting used to the app ... I was addicted to virtual pets in the 1980 s (yes I'm that old!) So I thought I d try this. It's fun and colourful but not 100 % convinced yet but that's me not the game. I think this game would be perfect for a younger player. Just wow

It is a great game I can play it all day Well done!!

I thought it was an OK game but for the next time you need a new name because duddu Marvelous

I Jzt Love My Duddu......I Like Bubbu Also, But Sometimes, It seems Boring.....But Duddu Is Amazing!! Flawless

The game is nice... the design of the rooms are very nice.. but you could have selected a better character then duddu.. Recommend

This game is amazing . I just love this game . I just can't say how much i love this game. Perfect!

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