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How to turn off the sound when you chose the track and press the button "Dub", or when you go back to the same track after sending or saving it ?! Even when I turn off the sound of my phone AND use my headphones, everyone around can hear it! It is very annoying ((( Works great

I love dumb smash so much that I want to invent a app just like dumb smash but different you ain't like something like musically. Marvelous

I can't save dubsmash videos to my dubs after the new update pls solve this problem as soon as possible Works perfectly

Dubsmash is a outstanding application. I feel A hero me. . I practice my. Dialogue delivery ♤ Enjoy it!

Not able to save it in Gallery.... No option... Not able to keep it In my sub space.... Seriously not able to save in my dubs Worth a go!

The dialogue's length are too smaller... Please upload the large length dialogue.... it should be atleast 25 to 30 seconds dialogue... Please make this change if it's possible... otherwise this app is fabulous... Recommend

I like using the app for dance videos but every time I try to add people it never work Fabulous!

I give 3 stars due to its video quality... u cannot ques my m using note 8... Dear dubsmash team..kindly improve ur video quality..its way grainy wow lol

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Why don't you include features like in app? It would be nice if you do so. Surprisingly

I like the app but i can't add anybody dubsmash please reply and tell me why is it because I have Android? Surprisingly

its awesome app....but the video quality is very bad.. video from front camera is very dark even in full light plz help... Superb!

Almost everything is ok but since some time I cannot save videos in "My dubs" folder. I've read that some people also have this problem. It'd be nice to have this function back working. Works great

It's really very nice. But only one problem. I am not able to save my dubsmash videos to "My Dubs". Can you please help me with this issue ? Awesome

There's a problem with the current version. It doesn't give the option to save it to my dubs. I don't want to share everything in my moments. Please fix this. Just wow

I love this app forever.more fun creates in my life.but created dubs are not saved in my dubs after app update done.please update this problem. 5 star

I think it needs more sounds and it needs more updates like but other than that this app is pretty cool... Go well

Not able to save it in Gallery.... No option... Not able to keep it In my sub space.... Great!

The loading the app and sending app should be more fast instead l loved the app if this problem is not there means it is the perfect app for dubsmash really Fantastic

It's not allowing me to search for my friends...whatever I type, it says "not found" even though I type the right thing...please fix this! Works perfectly

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