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Apr 29, 2017

It was working fine. But then suddenly the audio went off. Now everytime I record a video, the video plays back without any audio. Please help me resolve this issue. Cool

Apr 29, 2017

I would have rate it 5 stars but there are some problems that whenever​ i make a dub and then when i try to save that in my gallery the full video is not uploaded why is it so? & Yes why cant shoot more then 10sec make it atleast for 1minute! If you this i'am definitely sure that everybody will fall in love for this app! Worth it!

Apr 29, 2017

It's a fine app. I mean it won't stand in front of its competitors but it's fine. But it just went below average with the last update. When I save the videos to my gallery the video is of a shorter length than the one I made and saved to MY DUBS. Please solve this issue. Perfect!

Apr 29, 2017

The application is good but while downloading the file into gallery the full video is not exported .The last few minutes of the recorded video is been deleted .plz kindly fix this error. Perfect!

Apr 29, 2017

Last second in the final record preview is getting cut after downloading. It was fine before. After update, this problem has started. That last second is soo important. Recommend

Apr 29, 2017

I love dubsmash. It is my most favorite app. But when I'm saving the video in gallery the video is not saving properly. It is saving short then actual. 2-3 seconds video is trimmed.. Please solve this problem. Coz i cant share my videos as it is not saving full.. Thank you. Hope for quick solution. Well done!!


Not showing all my favourites that I added. And when I refresh the favourites page all my favourites are missing from all the column. It comes back only when I log out and log in back. And still it gets back to its own column and not in the favourite list. That's the only problem :( Go well


All its features are cool... but the only problem I experienced was that when we save a dub into our gallery, the saved video's last few part would get dropped out.... thus it becomes incomplete.... what do I do? I need some help Flawless


I think it's quite interesting and a bit works as a stress buster,but I too agree with others about the cam quality of indoor lightning in dubsmash. I share it with my friends and they like it a lot still pls fix the problem Awesome


Not sure if everyone else is having this issue but once I save the dubs to my phone it always cuts off too soon..it doesn't save the whole dub..other than that I love it!!! Go well


Some problem in this app. In some of dubbing, in the app dubbed video was perfectly played but when I was export this video in my data, full length video was not made, particular last 1 second was removed from the video, and this is nit happened in every video, but in 50% video, this happen Brilliant


Bug not fixed... While we download our Dubsmash video, it's not fully downloaded.. last few secs were missing Amazing!


funny...... but i have problem... y last 1-2sec video gets deleted when am saving it on my gallery... pls tell me the solution ... because of this problem...am not interested to do this.... pls help me..... Works great


I have a problem that when I m saving my dub video to gallery Full video is nt playing Last part of video is nt showing n playing So please give solution to my problem Not bad


Almost good but there should be fast or slow video feature also before or after recording. This was something desirable. But there's one issue with exporting of Dubsmashes to Gallery. Videos are successfully exported but aren't of the actual length, i.e., last 2 seconds of video gets deleted due to which downloaded video seems incomplete or inadequate or uninteresting due to which we can't even share our videos to other social medias. Please fix this Exporting Bug. It's really important to fix the bugs than adding new features. Cool


Fabulous fun time, expression of love n mood, but plz add n option for query to developer so that user can share problem. Like whenever I save vid from dub to gallery it's not completely save..last 1 or 2 second always cut. Just wow


Hey, This is serious. Every time I record a dubsmash and then start saving it from 'My Dubs' to the Gallery, a few seconds from the original video gets truncated once it gets exported to Gallery. This destroys all charm and fun. Fix this pls. Could have given 5* bt no Amazing!


The latest update messes up the Dubs...the video fps changes and the sound goes off and the part I dont want in the dub gets recorded.....plus you have to hold the button whole recording...I mean WHY!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant


It's really creative,It's a great time pass.i m having a problem now, I was having n account before n i uninstalled it , n now I have again installed it so it is not signing me up!!!it's soo irritating!! Great job


Why it does not save full file to gallery? Please correct this error. It does not save the file correctly to my gallery. Overall the app is a good piece of invention. Recommend

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