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Jun 25, 2017

Hey dad of dubsmash I give you four stars there is no complaints to this app .But only one bug fixed after we completing the dub we want to save it in gallery after save it in gallery we will miss last few seconds few seconds like 3 or 4 sec the maximum video contains 10 or 11 sec under it we miss last few sec please fix it......I know u fix it.other than it is best app.pls fix it.. Fabulous!

Jun 25, 2017

i like the app but, im a android user and everytime i post a dubsmash on instagram the audio is like water stuck in the phone. fix this now please. Fabulous!

Jun 25, 2017

I liked this app but there is a problem while exporting the video on gallery. Last portion get cut. And i plead you to fix this problem very soon otherwise this app is very good. Good

Jun 25, 2017

The only thing that makes me use other apps is just that it has a time limit Enjoy it!

Jun 25, 2017

Dubsmash. Is a really good app it is funny and it has amazing remix dance videos that you can make this is not sponsored but go download it if your lit Perfect

Jun 25, 2017

I thought that this app,is a wonderful,piece of art . Also that if people,don't think they song good they can fix themselves to be better then what they think they are. It in cringes them to be a way better person. Flawless


Nice and best funny app but there is a problem while saving the video to gallery, full video is not saving, last bit of the video is skipping when I try to save my dubbed video to gallery. Developer please fix it. wow lol


Iam not able to save the complete vedio. After saving in gallery half vedio get trimmed everytime. Please suggest if anything wrong. Good


I love it! But I cannot save my dubs in gallery, please help, exporting to gallery stops without downloading. Go well


Great app but the camera is way too dim.. The face just appears dark in low light.. What's the use of syncing your lips to audio when you can't even see the face properly. Please improve that. May be you are doing it to reduce the size of the video but nowadays there's no shortage of Internet access so it doesn't matter of it take a little extra space Superb!


Plz bring some new effects on Dubsmash just like musical.ly.... that app is much better than Dubsmash please update your Dubsmash and make some changes.... I hope you will come over it and make it the best app ever.... thankyou for this app but please make some changes in it Enjoy it!


Better to install this than any android games... I'd say better than Snapchat... I used to have dub battles with my friends in private messages Just excellent Just wow


Dear team while I'm trying to make a dub smash by clicking dub button it is not working and closing suddenly.. Please help Fabulous!


OMG this is cool for acting and stuff like that. So good and its an awesome app for acting Flawless


Its truly awesome especially in Tamil language. I truly loved it . I promise that I will recommend it to all my friends and neighborhood. Cool


Osm...dubsmash makes me crazy n this is the best dubsmash I had seen before..tq☺☺ Good


I love it because you can just go ahead and make really funny videos I love this app I think that this is a very useful app Works perfectly


When the dub has to be exported to the gallery and shared on social media, most of the video gets cut. This is vry annoying. Plz fix this prblm Must have


I cnt upload any of my dubs on social networking, and also I can't save it to my gallery....... Dissapointed............. Well done!!


The app is good nd i love dubsmash but whats the mean when i can't save my full videos wow lol

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