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Mar 23, 2017

The App is good...The reason why im giving 3 stars is the Dubsmash video recording time is less than 10 seconds.If you Increase it to minimum 1 minute then it will be Awesome Perfect

Mar 23, 2017

timer. record without having to hold record button. provide it n i will rate it a 5 star Awesome

Mar 23, 2017

Its soo much fun to make em and its fun to watch others aswell i would recomend it Cool

Mar 23, 2017

When I'm saving my dubs in my gallery 1 ,2 sec was skipping ,,,,,this issue was not there before but after recent update it started Perfect!

Mar 23, 2017

Hey last 2-3 seconds of video are skipped while saving to gallery.. Please help I need it urgently Perfect

Mar 23, 2017

It was way better before until they changed the camera to full size instead of keeping it square. Works perfectly


The app is OK but the only thing is every time I put it on 5 seconds to play by itself, I don't really like my first one, so I do it again, so it counts down from 5 to 1 and then it just freezes at 1. Also, a lot of times the dub is longer than the screen stays on, but again I put it on 5 seconds so it turns off at the end of the dub, but when I put it on again the dub just restarts so it's like I never did a dub. Please fix, and also please have these problems fixed in the next update. Thanks. Cool


I think it is a good app. But when i save my dubbed videos to gallery. Few seconds of last part gets cropped.i mean why? Whenever i make a perfect dubsmash video this occurs.and i am fed up of this.plz solve this problem because i want to download my full dubbed video.and that is not happening. Highly Recommend.


Video tempo gets fast automatically, hence won't match with song and video. Dear Team very good app, but when you will fix the bugs and issues above. Also add filters to videos as in b612 app. Janta jawab maang rahi he. Jawab do...... Omg


Y are you guys not fixing the problem? Android users are getting difficulty in saving last few seconds of video, kindly fix this soon, its so frustrating Perfect!


The app has stopped allowing me to save my dubs to my phone gallery... and that's the only place I need to put them, in order to share on other sites. If you are able to fix this issue, I'll put it back up to 5 stars. Great app... but missing a key element. Thanks for listening. Great!


The app is good. We can find many scenes to make but the problem is whenever I try to export any dub to my gallery some part of its gets cut at last please try to fix this problem Great job


Everything was OK before. From few days when I save my dubs to gallery, part of my videos are getting trimmed... Don't know Y.. full videos r not saving.... Please look in to this Works great


Its. Really a joyfull nd verry nice app. But at moment i face a problem in videos. After saving the video the last 1/2 sec cut automatically. But full videos shows in my dubs. But afater extract in gallery video cut.i hope it fixed verry soon Recommend


Hell ya!! What's going with this app coz while exporting the video to gallery, the quality of the vid gets very bad and destroyed and also last 2-3 seconds of videos get cut off.. This app deserves 5stars if it wouldn't have this problem.. Awesome


I have a problem with saving my dubs in my gallery ( I am using moto g turbo)...The last 2 sec of my dub is not available in my gallery video...It's getting cutted off Omg


*****A major problem***** This app is awesome. But there is a problem. Whene we download our own dubs from the dubsmash app it doesn't contain last 2 seconds. So its incomplete and irritating. Please fix this bug. Please. Worth a go!


Last few seconds keep cutting off which is really annoying. It makes some of my videos useless because the joke gets cut off. I cosplay and it makes no sense if the joke gets cut off because that's what makes it funny. It works fine in the app, but I don't to pull it up everytime I want to show people. Please fix. Highly Recommend.


Why the front and back cam is getting broad in only this app. Even my phone cam was working properly, but when i open the dubsmash the cam showing me braod.. Its really irritating. Marvelous


Good but there are some bugs to be short out... Like 1. video after rendering the last part gets cut out, 2. In my phone Lenovo P2 the camera looks dull dark ( the cam works fine in all other apps ) etc.. Works great

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