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Meh If this app thinks 50 degrees in celsius is ok then im a rabbit. Well this means i am a rabbit cuz at 50 degrees its says ok. Enjoy it!

Ok, iam tired of the apps coming up Is that what makes your phone slow & why come you all ways put up other things yeah 5 stares for bogus I hate the lock apps because I go to anser my phone & I haft to keep swiping & miss my calls get that for you sweetheart crappie app haha fox that !!! Perfect!

This only works for S7 edge I think Some people say that this app sucks but it works perfectly for me and my friend which is using S7 edge said the same thing.I can feel the difference in my phone after using this app.Love it!! wow lol

CPU Cooler The S7 Edge does heat up a bit now after long use so, this app is excellent for me! I literally can feel the difference in my S7 Edge temperature! Nice app guys! 5 star

It's alright App has stopped with me several different times and won't respond, other than that it's an alright app. Great!

Love it Its a great app to use i love it seens im always on my phone this app cools it down alot Just wow

Good app I liked this app . It cleared all viruses existed in my phone . My phone is working better than before. wow lol

Perfect for cool down!!! I was always hate it when my phone overheats, especially when I'm watching something on YouTube. Great!

NYC app bros Brilliant

Amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing wow lol

Have to improve Its cooling down my phone...that true but.. its say once if cooldown it has reduced 3degree celisus or 4degree celisus this is not true it only reducing 1 or point degree celsius Worth a go!

Like many apps They Don't Really Work half-assed would be the proper term for this app actually does cool off your phone you should try it it doesn't cost nothing to try it but my phone face was so hot I thought it was going to explode into flames and this app it's kind of unbelievable to find something that actually works as they say but to everybody out there I'd give it a shot it doesn't cost nothing to try it and it actually like I said works I really like this app Perfect!

help enough have effective function but sometime provide uncorrect information such an overheating condition. wow lol

Awsome app My phone would over heat all day to 105 but now it never does scens i have this app Must have

Thanks for not putting weird noises i dont like those battery cooling apps that have fake fan and screeching noises its very annoying. Still have to observe. I dont know if the temperature reading is hit on tho. First time user. *****update: noticed that when i open this app, the temp increased. Muito bom!

It will sometimes say my phone overheating to an extent I should feel it upon touching the phone. But either way it's a handy app to have and it does help shut down apps I am not using which helps with battery life. So all in all it's a good app. Works great

Du Reputation Says It ALL. . (HTC-M8) So far, so so great! Not sufficient experience to rate 5stars (? yet); but anticipate based on experience with cooler embedded in Du Battery Saver PRO, to find close to immaculate functality at least... Onwards... Great!

DU APPS ? Why does DU ALWAYS have other Applications that pop up with apps,that does the same thing that yours is doing to my smart phone. Are you not able too black the compatishion or are they in partnership with DU Pretty good

Awesome worked for me on my oppo F1f running project spectrum dropped from 43deg to a constant 29-31 with the expected 42 on spikes as u load it up awesomely detailed and a full fat data logger built in would prove its worth great work mate. Superb!

Dhritiman Das phone toh smoothly run hone laga jab se du cooler lagaya nice app. It helps to keep phone temperature constant ,medium so that the phone doesn't hang . I❤it Surprisingly

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