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Very good Its very good app but very late update. But in XOLO prime it's not working even after update. Not bad

Update Finally, it is updated and we can check zakar for 4 months. Guess it is not so useful, especially when another Zakar App is already out. Reduced my rating from 5 to 3, in hope it will be updated before 28 March 2017! Fabulous!

This thing helps me in starting my day every day...actually its very helpful app Amazing!

Beneficial for Bhutanese It is very very very useful app for Bhutanese people especially to me. I really love this app. N one request la if Dratshang Lhentsho could kindly upgrade this app as it is outdated .. Go well

Druk zakar... The dos n donts mentioned here contradicts most of the time when we actually find it out with kagued astrologers in person...wondering why...the book of reference n masters may be same.....needs to b catious while writing it on hard feelings...

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