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It's a lot of fun. Straight forward simple and easy to pick up. Mine won't work for some reason anymore it just stays on the title page it would also freeze a little and now i can't play but i would like to can you fix this please. wow lol

This Game is "Very Creative" . Betty Rate* : Overall, I Give this Game 3.8 Stars. "DROP IT! CRAZY COLOR PUZZLE Game" is just ok in Games. Great job

this is a great game, it would be nice though to have a bigger playing field, it didn't cost ya so many diamonds to get the switch boost, and maybe some better rewards Flawless

I tried to play this game, but it's forcing me to log into Facebook or Twitter (which I don't have an account) I'm thinking about uninstalling it though I enjoy playing this game. Marvelous

it's very good game and very creative but, it's not fair to make a self highscore and then leave the game for few hours and when i come back to continue i get my score to 0! but the game continues where i stopped like nothing happened!, exept my SCORE that was just ruined. Superb!

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