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Works great, exactly as described. Love the PDF report option - that feature sets this app ahead of the rest. Five richly deserved gold stars. :) Go well

Omg, so much detailed info about my phone, things I never knew before. I have HTC One M7. I love this app. Thank you to the developers.!!! Perfect!

Great app. I always use it to check my device info when rooting, modding, and doing all the other things I shouldn't really do to it. Highly Recommend.

Shows your phone hardware and software info in a very well formatted way. I am only giving it a four star rating since I am not sure about the accuracy of some of the information given. Also the popup adds are very intrusive. Make a paid version, and fix this two things, and I might buy it. Despite these two criticism, this app has helped me get accurate enough info for my past phones CPU for thank you to the developer. Surprisingly

So much info, perfect for what i needed and replaced so many apps that only do 1 thing of the many many things this app does Great!

Can save data. Best, but better needed. Cannot show g2, g3 & g4 radio band frequencies. Antutu cannot show camera correctly. Text info. PDF information required payment first. No current application can handle this Ulefon Power 3. It has 2 cameras on each side. Four Samsung cameras in total. Not bad

Best hardware analyser! That too in a micro package and requires only the obvious permissions. Works perfectly

Fantastic . told me the info i needed and gave me peace of mind since the store specs of my phone were differnt than what the phone usally has online. The program showed me the store specs were correct. Worth it!

5* it really works. I got s8+ clone. And was just wordering about real specifications. Then I came to know about droid hardware info. And yeah i loved it. Great!

Lots of detailed useful information. I would like to see a refresh option, particularly on the memory report. Currently it is the only good way to see the effect of a cleaning operation. But I have to restart this application to see the difference. Fantastic

Good apk, revealing the real info of my storage, it indicate that i have 32gb in my setting but after installing of this apk i found out that i only have 8gb of internal storage, this apk deserves more than a five star Great!

I just started developing my first app for Android and some of the libraries I depend on were only compiled for armeabi, not arm64. I'm sure there has to be another way to tell, but it's very easy to ask the testers to install this app and then tell me if their phone is armeabi or not, saves me time :) Highly Recommend.

It gives me information on how my smartphone processors are doing. It's information I need to judge the performance of my phone. Omg

Nice app. It gives me all the info about my device I wanted. All the sensors readings, OS and firmware, ect. I recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about their devices, how they work, and what they are doing behind the screen. Go well

This application allows me to diagnose problems and to show off how badass my phone is compared to their home PC. That's about all I can say for an application as simple as this. Great job! 1 question though, is there a PC Version of your software? I would use it as much as my #2 Phillips head screwdriver...meaning this is the best tool in the digital tool box! Well done! Perfect

Wonderful app. Haven't tried others in it's category, but that's because I haven't had to. Good

Great apps, but could you please also show the hardware vendor, like camera and the memory, Recommend

Simple, well organized, provides all relevant information I need. Very good work! Worth a go!

Good app to know about ur device But this can be improved by Providing some basic text about the chips that are present in marken and what's the rank of our chip Ex: If I click on kernal then it should say about what a kernal is and to explore more u can provide a link. By this a user can gain more knowledge The doc part is awsome Just wow

The app provides relevant information regarding my phone - display, CPU, memory, and it helps when I want to dowbload an APK (to make sure it's compatible) However, I want to see a refreshed Droid Info app - logo and interface updated to Material Design, to which I would revise this review and give it 5 stars Great!

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