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This game is awsome but it will be more awsome if added interior view 《THANKS》 Perfect!

It's very challenging there are many sport cars.The controls are fantastic.I think this is the best drifting game in the world.. Great!

Good game but can I ask for update this game need more mission more car and the Carmera Works great

It is too good game .... I like it really. Dwnld this and enjoy racing, drifting. Great!

This is really easy and there are no levels you just drive however you want and if you explore some places you can get free many Enjoy it!

i hope you make simulator car game for proton's & perodua's will blockbuster game this game is great....thanks 5 star

این بازی رادوست دارم منپول ندارم کمک کنید ممنون ازلطف شما. Worth a go!

i downloaded it yesterday, its a decent casual drifting game thats not really that challenging, most of the challenges i beat on the first half of the track. graphics could definitely be better. controls are decent and the drifting physics are ok they coold be better though. the couple things i wish it had are more cars and more customization options. ive already got all the cars and have only played maybe 3 hours on the game. Well done!!

This game was the best thing to do all day long Worth a go!

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