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Lovin it You'll love ir so much you'll cry cause there ain't enough stars to rate this app

sounds good some people in the comments and complicated put the makeup on but I believe that I can probably do it I recommend this alot of people enjoy it.

Casey This game is so awesome go get your device right know and download it it won't be the same if u don't get it.

Love it Get. it kiddie games games games get it you will love it yo what you want to play all day one go maybe your mom get it go go go yes I said go go go go go go go all of your guyses things were man game or steal your mama's phone or your dad go now and you guys were being mean about the game how you said that night it was awesome and you kinda but face mean oh and by the way hahaha laughing in your face well about that go go get it installing now go get your iPod or something or whatever it is and its calle pr

Cool Fantastic game so many interesting things for kids and girls. Good game for children.

Pretty much good a little tricky to put on the makeup So fun my younger cousin just got it and she loves it but it can get a little complicated

Its fun to play My 9 year old daughter plays it everyday and she sometimes makes monster high tutorials

Yeah I have played it and it is above average just pliz let us do more in the game:-S

I think its a awesome game! It is not that bad of a game becuz u can do it easily and plus u r a good creator

Really good Well I love it is so good you will have to complain that there ante enough stars really good game recommended for you

Cool 5 stars because I love so I tell my mom that I what make up so she said no because I am gust 8 am she does not want me looking like a pill of poop

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