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It's good but I'm not able to log in It's saying that there is an error though all info is correct Please help me out Fantastic

It's just that we have been able to use it for the delay but I'm sure it's just get back to the music Fantastic

I am trying to use this App in UAE. But it shows unavailable in my region. However it shows in the discription that the app is available in UAE.please help me to access this app. Please. Awesome

Why this app isn't available in Pakistan!!?? I've used this app in Saudi Arabia and no doubt this is one of the best app for music Works perfectly

What the heck!!! This app was the best one I have ever used but now whenever I click on the icon it shows a sorry thingy that it is sadly not available but I live in Saudi Arabia n in information bar it says that it is available in my country Surprisingly

Good but It has good collections of songs, but lot of bugs. if I try to play one song it will play another song . and some songs are listed but won't be played. Please fix it. Otherwise very good. Worth it!

Mr. This is a good app and nice you can choose your artist and music but too much promoting specific artist between songs regardless of what genra your listening to. Ex..It could be rap or gospel and null / The Celebration will be played which is a genra i dont like. At least keep it in the same genra. So im still between Guvera and my two other music apps ... Enjoy it!

Guvera It is so cool because you can listen to all your favourite music,chat to friends and choose any type of genre Fantastic

Adele I'm sure there are more artists that aren't on there but Adele is the only one I know of. I love this app, I think it's great but it doesn't have Adele love it

For free program it's great The search function could be refined more and it doesn't have as much variety as iTunes - but for a free program it is awesome! Perfect

Needs update Its great how I can create my own playlist, listen offline and listen to whatever track I want, but the offline tracks are becoming unavailable to me and the playlists are only showing one song - the app keeps shutting off after about 10-15 mins. Great!

HELP More than a week and guvera still unavailable in my country or is it in my gadget Fabulous!

New update A bit better, would give 5 stars if it were completely changed back. Can't cache songs for more than a couple hours? Amazing!

Love it U can listen or play any song you...and 29th best part is u can listen too when u r offline. . Muito bom!

Good app I love this app great sound quality ...but now I can't offline listen those songs which I saved as my playlist ... Please fix this as soon as possible or let me instruct how to do ... Thank you Muito bom!

Why? Why can't I get to my offline tracks??? It just says what buffering does . and I can't look at my playlists Cool

Loved this app. Was my favorite music streaming app. Now half of my songs are unavailable/gone. Please fix this!!! Fabulous!

Guvera was good until... It was good until they changed their servers. I lost half of the music i listen to. It says to sign out and sign in again to fix it but it didnt. Otherwise still decent. Needs a "play next" feature or "add to cue" Perfect!

Please fix!!! I loved this app until I updated it now majority of my songs and playlists have gone, I have tried to log out then back in and even delete and install again but nothing has worked so please fix it immediately!!! Recommend

S7 with unknown media error The app buffera half way to a song and then shows unknown media error. Tested in xperia z and it works fine but on the new s7 it has this error. Please teat and advise a fix. Thank you. And i can revise my review. Edit - now works with s7 after recent update to app. Bug fixed somewhat however still cantload playlist and crashes few times. 5 star

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