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this app crashes or force closes a lot for me and i know its not because of my device. whenever i try to do something it the game, it either works or it crashes then force closes. overall, its a fun game to play and there's neat dragons to hatch/breed. Fantastic

Its amazing the dragons are sooo adorable, I LOVE THIS GAME SOOO VERY MUCH!! Keep up the good work storm8 Great!

some of the dragons are neat, while others are kinda odd. i think the locking up issues i've been having, are due to this app being a resource hog. overall, i like how there's a lot more dragons now. Worth it!

I really like the positive nonviolence actions of this building game. It is an enjoyable creative game for any age. I play with my grandson. Surprisingly

Game runs smoothly until an adventure league or community challenge appears. Using S8+.. Good

I changed phones and now I lost all my data even tho I signed in with Google play games. It won't sync it just started over. Marvelous

Great fun but it would be helpful if there was more information on starting up. The little things like having to click on the stars over your dragons in order to allow someone else to play with them. That sort of thing. Otherwise it's a great game and it provides me with hours of fun and relaxation. love it

Love this game. The only problem I see is load time. Sometimes it takes a very long time to upload. love it

Addicted...need to be able to build up gold faster. So many new dragons I would love to have but they're too expensive. Will not purchase on credit card. wow lol

Still can't watch a video to battle again immeadiately. Would upgrade to five if could do that and gift gold to more than 3 people per day Worth it!

Graphics great. Goals not always achieved because of time limits and amount of material required Pretty good

I just spammed the other stuff. You are only able to play once and then you can't play again. Marvelous

Please hookup with Facebook!! Anytime I get a new phone I lose my level and have to start over again. First time I have played in 2 years because of this issue. 5 star

I wish there was a faster easier way to gain gold... but I love this game I play almost all the time... Pretty good

I love this game sooo much!!! I have several on different devices. It's sooo addicting. The only thing I need is easier way to get free gold. Recommend

I got a new phone and when I transferred all of my app's it did Not transferr my levels!! I had hours of fun, not so sure now. I still play and love it. I wish we could get more gold through friends or the wheel. Muito bom!

I was trying to connect my facebook, but it kept telling me that "Facebook connect was not available for this version." All I wanted to do was play dragon story with my friends, and it wouldn't even let me do that! :( Marvelous

Playing since 11/2016; however after new phone I've had difficulty getting back onto my old board so I had to start a new isle, Graphics, simplicity and goals still decent. Superb!

I want to play MY GAMES! Why can't I play. Why have I been blocked! ! ! W.T.F. is going on! Brilliant

Game is great. but expanding is too expensive, using too much gold. so we cannot decorate or anything. please make expanding cheaper. Pretty good

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