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I just started but to me it seems that the gap between level 4 and 5 is huge I can easily beat level 4 but I get 1 shot on level five. The controls are very easy to use but are not overly simple. earning money seems to be very hard though compared to how much the forms cost. Worth it!

Good but it gives us option of free coin for vedio bit it cant start pls solve it .overall it is good Recommend

Its a nice game for those who need a break from their busy life. It would have gained 5 star if it would have supported some kicking and punching too. Amazing!

Its amazing its like the best game i played, if anyone gets it and like dragon ball z u will have fun Works perfectly

I love this its a great time passer. And i get to play as my favourit charectors! Flawless

you should make the characters a bit more cheaper (example ssj 3 costs 10.000 it should be 5.000.) Perfect!

Not a big fan of this game style but they pulled it off really well. one thing they need to change is the darkness of the characters and the back ground hard to play out side with max backlight and hard to play at night with low back light. Muito bom!

This is the most AWESOME game in Dragonball z love it thank u for making it I play the hole time trying to unlock super Saiyan's and I like ur Facebook love it and thanks again. Recommend

I like it, its a good game, but if you fail a level you get set back a few, that's what's annoying... but overall, its a good game Amazing!

This is gg aap I like it very much but hard to collect money nd open a new forms but this game is good nd interesting I love it Recommend

Its a great game they made the only Dragon ball game that doesn't suck so you did great guys you did great Worth it!

This game is great but coins are pretty hard to get unless you watch ads all the time, can you make easier to achive? Fabulous!

Very addicting wen you get the hang of it, really fun nd cant wait to unlock more forms Amazing!

Really cool game i enjoy the gameplay. Although i think you guys should add a close combat button soon. But other than that awsome game especially for Dragon Ball fans Works perfectly

DUDE!!!!!! THIS GAME IS PROBABLY THE MOST BEST OF ALL THE DRAGON BALL Z GAMES IN THE UNIVERSE ( unless there is a game that has a free roam of Dragon Ball Xenoverse on a apple phone or Android phone that would be awesome). Fantastic

Bestest game in the world I love dbz best best best best app. Easy controls, amazing blasts only one thing left thats vegito Not bad

Awsome game. But..... maybe if there are bosses like cell or whoever. You should get a reward for beating them..... maybe like... 4000 or 5000 coins.... somewhere around there. But still a 5 star rate game. Recommend

The game is really nice but if melee attacks which don't use ki were in it I would have given it 5 stars and also the amount of coins needed to unlock the next SSJ is way too much Works great

Love dbz so this game rocks! Although I'd like evil characters like frieza, cell, majin bu, shenron. Perfect!

My only problem is that they ask for so much money for the super saiyans but they don't give you enough money to buy them Perfect!

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