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I'm not even a DMZ fan. Never really watched the show.. I just started playing this game one day. I like it, being able to build your own deck and change it out, the buying cards everyday(even though you used to get more, which was better), and the different battles that you can do. Addicting and keeps you interested. wow lol

Hei I hope this post helps anyone who has a question on what happened to this game. I am not sure why there is confusion, but it is unerstandable. This game is closed as of 3/23/16, the developers turned off the game and their servers are no longer accessible. They accounced this via a half cut off message, that was almost too symbolic of the game experience and bad English, This was the final step in a determined and greedy process to end the game. They stopped supporting the game 4 months ago by refusing to a Worth it!

Cash Cow Z Now broken!!! Devs have tried to even out a badly balanced game by giving out huge freebies. Seriously. I got a couple of grand worth of cards and gear. Now it doesnt load up...Fishy to me. Fix and i will 5*. Must have

Addicting This game is so addicting, thought it was boring at first but now I can't get off the game ;)

Good game BUT It's a nice game but it has some problems like it keeps telling me that i don't have a connection so i can't login sometimes,plus i hate that you should be connected to the internet to play it.please fix...

Fun but ... There is a bug the app closes everytime I'm playing and is irritating pls fix it

Master Mutaito Rocks!!!! So cool everything is cool and please fix the bug where your account gets lost (it never happend to me but other ratings said it) Great!

Freezing Issue Love the game. Works great on my Galaxy S4. But freezes all the time on my Tab S. The audio still plays, but the visuals are frozen. Fix this to get 5 stars. Flawless

Awsome Thank u for fixn that really but now i cant get pass this level it always freezes when i get him to 5 health Brilliant

Don't waste money I spent my money for a promotional Goku card, when I didn't get my In game money or the card it took Custer of support 2 days to get me my in game money but no Goku Card I should have got in the event. 5 star

Awesome Game is pretty awesome. I'm a huge dbz fan and this is the best one I've ever found for a phone game. Every game has its issues and when this game does they take care of there customers. 5 stars from me! I'm on the s2 vegeta server. Tonkpils the warrior lvl 55. Good

Blessing s15 Yamcha Acronic so far I'm loving this game and I'm almost 1 month in but there are a few changes I'd like to be made, please make orangehero cards easier to get and events if u could make it possible to actually get the rare cards it says you can get other than that there are more changes that can be made but I'm sure other people have already gone over that Marvelous

Game got erased Listen I have spent a lot of time and money on this game I love it great pass time but today during your sign on episode my game has been restarted from the beginning and I am very upset about this I would apriciate it if someone can tell me how I can get my game and all my cards back to normal........ Recommend

AVOID! This is the 4th different app download for this exact game. They keep having to hide it under new names and apps due to people complaining. They have zero customer support, the game will, WILL freeze every day, and if you make any in game purchases there's a 50% chance you'll be charged and receive nothing in return. They keep saying they're "updating" the game when really they force you to go download a new app that has the exact same issues as older versions. Just a different name and nothing new Amazing!

Can't login.. I like the game a lot but now every time time I try to log on it says server busy. Would give 5 stars if this was fixed. Omg

Non linear difficulty If you are above level 50, game play becomes significatnly harder as players and the story makes you feel small Great job

Blessing Blessing server-8 bulma sidthegamerboy.the game is real good and difficult if you dont spend money wow lol

I love this game I love this game. Ive been playing it for months. I wish I was easier to get red cards but thats what makes the game fun. My names ringo2303 so send me an invite people gokuS1 Pretty good

Great game for any DBZ fan Addicted. Playing everyday. Great for any DBZ fan. In server s4 freeza and character name is Okarot Level 55 Not bad

Garbage At least they fixed the freezes. Do not put deal money into it. Still yet to get a hero card through hero packs. Spent 3 days doing exploration. Got the same thing 15 times in a row. Bullshit game no support either

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