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Amazing First app I've been able to find simple bands like the goo goo dolls on I love it and highly recommend it.

Music Mp3 Downloads music and has library. The only problem is that this app skips when you listen to a song as it downloads. Other wise it finds the songs in seconds and plays pretty well when done downloading. One thing I really like about the app it does not bother you, or push you to rate the app. That deserves a 4 star..If it did not skip during dpwnloading it be a 5...

Good but, needs a different search engine. I like the app, but do not like that I get a bunch of random songs when I type the complete name of the song or artist. Even if I type both it still gives you too many options that are not what is wanted. So far I have found any song I've searched but, has consumed much of my time to do so.

actually really good when you search a song or artist up, a bunch of a irrelevance pops up but if you click 'load more results' once or twics you get flooded with really good results

Found what I was looking for I've found most of the songs I've searched for :) app is easy to use & over all I like it

Jen Before my phone did an automatic system update it worked wonderful, I love it. Now after the update to my android ultra not so good, every time I look up a song its in karaoke versions or I hear the music and very softly you hear the words. I would enter in the song title and singer and I still get all the possibilities it could be before scrolling down a good ways before getting to my true search. I hope everything goes back to normal soon or I will be looking for a new source for my music.

Decent For the songs I want it has them. I think that it should try and share with everyone who has this app their songs and it will make it better. Recommend to take Download music mp3 APK

Problems Its great and all but when i look for a song and artist other songs pop up and the wrong songs pop up and it tales long to load the song just to listen to it.

Not enough songs I like the oldy rap. Tlc. Mario . Nelly. Usher.Monica ect and this doesn't do my any good I searched 47 songs I only found 6....poor!

Finally!! Finally I found an app that I can find songs I'm looking for!! It's set up aweful but at least I can find music :). Recommend to take Download music mp3 APK

BEST APP EVER, DOWNLOAD IT It is the best app ever, it has every song i love this app is great, if i could rate it more than 5 stars i would rate it 1000 stars :) im very happy i found this app. Recommend to get Download music mp3 APK

No songs There is absolutely no songs on this I tried looking up some songs and I couldn't find anything do not download this app sucks!

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