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Asus zenfone 5 fb. Automatically stopped Screen off Please fix this. Asus! Thank you. I updated already but still automatucally stopped! Double tap screen off Worth it!

New update has buggs Double tap screen off Fix the bugg please. Again got bug. While uploading pics frm the app,it crushes Tap to screen off Perfect

Thank you very much.. Im sorry to bother you guys but now im fine..I love the app even thou I didn't install it.. now im going to rate it 5 stars thank you very much and guys dont forget to deactivate it before uninstalling. :-) Brilliant

It's awesome Double tap screen off I love it.. Easy to use and simple illustrations for new users which are easy to understand.. Enjoy your edits ;) Recommend

Love it Double tap screen off I can play it for hours even miss some of my favorite shows trying to beat a level Screen off Well done!!

Picture resize option not available Double tap screen off Would be great if it has option to resize pictures like one available on squaredroid Tap to screen off Awesome

BlackratSnake/vincentvango. Screen off Single 6 ft. Blue eyed dyed hair 210 lb. Loan man look for a Beautiful Woman. Double tap screen off love it

Great app Screen off Can someone tell me how to reduce volume of the background music? Double tap screen off Must have

Good app for free Tap to screen off Great to make clips I have a LG gflex but the app shut down random sometimes Screen off Good

Pls Read Double tap screen off Pls upgrade the quality can you pls but I love to make videos Double tap screen off Worth a go!

Working perfect, just that there's no option to get rid of the notification constantly there. Give the option and I shall rate 5 stars. Muito bom!

mantaab Screen off doing more inovation...feature indonesia bgt doong tambahin... Double tap screen off Perfect!

Blurry Double tap screen off Thw front cam takes blurry photos! It was way better in v 6! Fix it Double tap screen off Great!

Pictures won't load Double tap screen off No matter how many times I restarted the pics won't load.uninstalling it. Double tap screen off Works perfectly

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