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Well aside from the oddball questions here in the App Store in this review section specifically about the app about the app being "for my time I don't know if they mean that time" to be excited in the world today or if they mean time to make money? not quite sure. Anyway I must say that today's update of the app is a visual Improvement not not design-wise of course, but responsiveness is obviously better it logs in Faster there's no more white black flashes between screens and how the app reacts to messages incoming. Omg

Let's be honest, all companies omit things until AFTER they hire you. This is one of those companies. Worked for them for sometime, even referred a few friends. There's so many minor ignorant ways that they work against you. Someone commented that this is for reviewing the app but isn't what's in the app just as informative? A) You are truly an INDEPENDENT contractor. Support is minimal and your feelings don't exist. B) It is decent pay... assuming your pay makes it to you or that the app effectively calculates peak pay. C) Be honest with your customers. Door Dash is really good at a passable sugar coating. I am honest with my customers when it comes to issues and I think it helps them to better understand why there tends to be issues making them more patient. D) Remember you have OPTIONS!! Google Food delivery and f8nd another company if you aren't happy. ... yeah. ☺ Flawless

After recent updates not only did they decrease the amount of time you have to accept an order but it pauses your shift EVERY time you don't accept it quick enough. FIX !!!! Just wow

I don't understand why some of you are rating the doordash pay system and not the app itself. You clearly aren't able to follow instructions which is why you probably aren't making very much money with the service. The problems I had with the app are sometimes after you accepted an order the system will recognize it for a second and make you accept it again causing you to miss a delivery opportunity if you're not already aware of that particular bug. Also, as someone previously mentioned the app logs you out when the screen times out. Superb!

The second half of this was the first time I wrote a review for DD. It was generally positive. The next dash I went on was the worst. Several people have stated that it had not been performing correctly. It will tell you you have delivery update for a delivery you're already on sometime. Ever since the update over the last 48-72 hours is full of and frequent glitches or app straight up just freeze your entire screen and need to restart the whole phone. The app does have problems from time to time but they work to fix them. Of course it's not perfect when you have millions of people all over the country trying to use it during the peak hours every day. But overall, I enjoy working for DoorDash. Been doing it for a year now and make pretty decent money. The old pay schedule was much better because you got paid a guaranteed minimum even if you didn't get any orders. Now the new pay structure if it's a slow day and you don't get but one order in 3 hours then you only make less than $10 for 3 hours of work. So that is my biggest complaint. but still I do this as a second job and average $10 to $20 an hour on a consistent basis as long as you work your shifts during the time when most people are having their meals. If you sign up to dash from 2-5 don't be surprised if you don't earn much money. Yes the app can have some problems (especially over the last couple of days) but generally if your app "freezes" or drops an order it's because you don't have any coverage on your phone. My one suggestion would be to expand the San Antonio market further south past downtown. There's a lot of restaurants and housing all the way down military but their approved zones stop at downtown. Good

Great way to make extra money delivering food apply and do easy something with your time Flawless

I just finished orientation and need to start dashing but unable to begin bc of issues with the app. I keep getting error msgs that doesn't allow me permision. I contacted support. Cool

App can be buggy at times, but I just ran into a problem that will happen 2 days out of the year... Daylight savings changed my scheduled hours. I am in AZ. We do not have Daylight Savings. DO NOT CHANGE MY SCHEDULE! Now to go through my next 5 days and see how bad it is. Works perfectly

Honestly been a great way to make money for me. Not sure what some of the complaints are about. The app is pretty buggy though. Definitely needs to be upgraded wow lol

Apps = updates. On my phone the app has blacked out the entire screen. I like the smaller delivery areas vs entire county with other services. Pay has been fair though sparse. Good for a few bucks here and there. Brilliant

I do pretty decent with DoorDash. Every app has issues, but my thing is oh here we can build a robot to do what live Dashers do, but we can't make an app work correctly. As others have said, the app is glitchy, so much more COULD be done to make it better, such as since our zones are so large, how about a button to select a specific hotspot to only run orders for a certain area of the zone. Another would definitely be, a support phone number that isn't a recording, if we don't have an order, the support chat is unavailable, we need to be able to get ahold of support from time to time even when we don't have an order. The pay scale is getting better but could still be better. Just so much more could be done to make things better and easier Just wow

3/2 - Pause issue is back, pauses my shift if I don't accept an order within a few seconds, every time. Yes the app has its faults, but as far as being a quick way to make money it does work and no requirements of a certain vehicle like uber does. I mean you can make up to and over $10 per delivery sometimes. At least in my area I do. I would recommend giving it a try for yourself and form your own opinion rather than just going off the negative reviews. You can try it once and if you don't like it do something else you know? Brilliant

I live in ft Lauderdale and I make 700$-$1000 every week all the time,I don't know why there's so many bad reviews .you guys just don't know how to hustle ,doordash saved my life Cool

Easy to use, and offers a lot of information to let you know whether to accept or decline orders. 5 star

Great App & Love the Company!! Been a dasher for about a year now and I love this company!!! Brilliant

Been dashing since last year august till now,I really love that schedule the time and pick wich location you want to dash it's so convenient.its just there are times I was online for 1 hour I didn't get a request not sure rating are good although up and down not sure why , costumer Maybe give rate of just forgetting to say hi,how are you,how you doin,or sometimes driver don't have time to reply text mostly if you were in the midle of freeway I don't text dangerous.till you get to drop off location you delivered there food it's complete and when you check rating goes thinking a lot why I got low rate.costumers don't care how you really care to prepared there food carry it with you,walking parking lot and if apartments you have to up 3rd floor sometimes no elevators.some costumers don't put complete address when you get to location you have to stop and text and wait there reply just to ask them what's bldng number,unit ,gatecode make delay of delivery, make harder for the driver park in one side to wait there reply to give gate code.this is base in my experienced for 7 months dashing. Fantastic


I live the money making part not the glitches and having to install and retail to get orders on occasion would live it if android version worked as good as the apple version Recommend

When my shift ends there's some strange glitches.. the app says " this delivery no longer available" despite no order coming up. Also when I accept an order sometimes my shift goes on pause & I have to resume shift before I can accept the order Highly Recommend.

2/5: I just updated the app and I'll be honest I don't really like their new branding/logo. It looks good otherwise, I like that they added your total pay in the top right corner so you can always see it when you're running orders. Buuut I think they should change the logo back. Original review: Yes the app has its faults, but as far as being a quick way to make money it does work and no requirements of a certain vehicle like uber does. I mean you can make up to and over $10 per delivery sometimes. At least in my area I do. I would recommend giving it a try for yourself and form your own opinion rather than just going off the negative reviews. You can try it once and if you don't like it do something else you know? Highly Recommend.

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