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1:Good app 2:Not enough brushes 3:Bad menu and ui(needs to look better) 4:could improve Fabulous!

I loved it its really basic for those Who started drawing its nice I lived for this Great job

it's a simple drawing app, yet it is consistent and it works. The Brush Maker is a powerful feature, though in beta. Keep it up! Recommend

This app is really amazing, actually I didn't expected this form a doodle app but it's really not bad.This app can be even better and awsome if some of the below feature are present: 1.Include more brushes 2.Make a clean UI 3.Include symmetry, layer functionality, texture to brushes etc.. 4.Include "MOVE to SD card" option 5.Improve the smoothness of every brushes This five points is more than enough to make this app to the top of my "top 10 best painting app" list..I am collecting all the best painting or drawing whatever you guys call it ,app where your app is in the list too... and my quest is almost complete ..I have like 48 painting apps hope you guys see my video in youtube (Channel name: plazma jackson).. Just wow

I set the back ground color to Black then I go to set the ink color and whatever I set the ink color to change is the back ground color to. It's not supposed to do that. I hit that little green checkmark when I'm done setting the background but each time I try it goes right back to my ink choice. Recommend

Great to use! This app is easy to use, and fun! And it doesn't take a long time to load.... and no ads!!!! I would definitely recommend getting this app! Enjoy it!

Good but the fee Its good but I hate the fee they need to fix that or else I'm not gonna use this app anymore . don't get me wrong its good but they need to fix that fee. Go well

If It had a paint bucket fill and colour definetly give it 5 stars Well done!!

Good and bad The good is the app actually works like they say.....the bad is it FORCES YOU TO CROP YOUR PICTURE! GRRRRRR!!! If I wanted my picture cropped I would do it through a different editor app. I found a better one that let's me keep the entire picture so goodbye forever! Perfect

Its ok. Im looking for something i can doodle on pictures. Or add to my pictures Brilliant

I love this app Out of every art app I've used, this one takes the cake for detail and quality and realism. Works perfectly

I havent found any other drawing apps with the textures. Pretty good

Favorite sketch application. Well done!!

Almost perfect If you guys are aiming for perfection with this app, putting in layers would make it so. But it's nice nonetheless. Worth it!

Wow ....the best drawing app yet I really am impressed,,, thank you ...keep up the good work... one of my favorite apps of all time...this app goes way beyond what I expected..... ,,,,,,,, Great job Well done!!

great love this app! I would have given it 5, but it lacks the option of creating layers. I have a few other drawing/painting apps that lack the smudge tool*, sooo can't complain about that. I just wish there was a way of saving your work in a less confusing/complicated way...I know this is only a phone app, and I shouldn't expect Photoshop, but still. *I love how this app has a smudge tool! I can make the coolest hair designs xD but it doesn't work well for blending. definitely make one! Must have

Decking planning Perfect for adding to photos to plan changes,good finger accuracy,even better with s pen!As a bonus it will be great fun with adding images etc to pictures with my disabled son. Works great

Just what I've been looking for It's simple and easy to use, but thanks to pressure sensitivity it can achieve great results. Perfect for mindlessly doodling just to pass the time, just the app I needed. The UI still needs some work though, other than that great app! Surprisingly

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ So fat this is the best app I've used for art making and unlike the other ones its easy to use and accurate as could be! Omg

Nice paint app Really like this, only thing missing is fill bucket tool , and PNG or. Jpg file choose option. Great job

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