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This is probably the MOST addicting game I have EVER played. Great job

when there's Facebook integration. Enjoy it!

Quick game that's east to play and very addictive. Perfect

but now it wants access to send text messages for me. not happy

Not only that but a huge difference is multi player. Inferior

#earn-money Probably my favorite mobile game ever! Simple but very fun. This is the third time I've bought this game (once on iPod Touch, once on my Windows phone, now on my tablet) but it has certainly been worth it. None can compete with the simplicity and unique gameplay that is Doodle Jump.

Update saved the game!! Ran like crap until this recent update. Doodle jump is fun again!! Should not have taken this long, though. - Galaxy Nexus GSM. Recommend to install Doodle Jump APK.

#side-scrolling The issues whit lag on Nexus S are fixed! There was a time, when I was sorry I've pay for a game. Each I can't play. But whit the last update. The issues are fix. I enjoy the game once again

Invasive permission removed, that's better.! The game has little to do with doodling, and much to do with jumping, it can be quite fun in short bursts. The developers have a tendency to add in invasive permissions every once in a while. Which is annoying!

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