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Better than weed firm Amazing game, I'm addicted and so are my friends. but I still don't know how to fertilize my weed Fantastic

Update soon!! Games cool but after level 20 gets old. I'm lol 27 and it's just the samething over n over. No new people to deal to, no new equipment. Same appartment. Please do some type of updating wow lol

Could be better It's a good game but I think it's messed up that we have to pay $5 just for an alien level I think that should be free or game money not something to pay for part of the game. Just wow

It's good but.... I do like the game, but between the missions they give you there is a long tedious time to get to them. For example, the goals they give you on level 6 or 7 can't be met until level 11. And to get the money up to meet those goals takes a real long time Go well

Great Works fine on my LG Stylus. No problems. Some people are stupid. Put your money in the safe or pay the gangsters. Then you wont lose everything. Brilliant

This would be a 5 star but I bought mmoney and I did not know bow th play at the time and the gangster took all 700,000. Of my money after I bought 10.00$ worth of funny please help me get. My money back Marvelous

Addicting until level 12 Needs more customers, tasks, and options to stay interesting. This game is off to a great start and has potential to be five stars easy. Just gets to redundant so it becomes boring. Gave up on level 15. Recommend

I like the game Please fix keeps shutting down and not saving my progress I would give five stars once it's fixed smh Pretty good

Love it but.... I love it but there a small problem every time I try to connect with Facebook it won't let me it always says some kinda error message please fix this asap thanks!!!! Great!

Pretty decent I like the game but can some new characters and scenarios be put in the gets boring after awhile of play Enjoy it!

How do I use fertilizer I don't know how to use the fertilizer though. A help and support option would be amazing. Its fun and a great way to kill time I just wish there was support in it. And the spelling mistakes. I'm not to great at spelling myself so it just makes me giggle. But there are quite a few mistakes Superb!

Awesome This game I have to say is a little better then weed firm but only one problem the gangster or cops never come not really a problem cause I never lose money or my stuff but its a little annoying Well done!!

Super Fun!!!! I don't know what everyone's problem is but I have not had any problems whatsoever! I happen to enjoy this game,I'm on level 12. If everyone did the tasks on the board they help you with your xps. This game takes patients and time. love it

Its ok Everytime i have to even leave the game for a text or phone call it never saves my progress. Its like its erases everything and i have to restart all over everytime. I waas addicted to weed firm and i could get addicted to this one if it would ever save my progress.... Muito bom!

It's a good game You tried to copy weed firm to much with the characters and their names. Also with the white pot plants need a lot of water in weed firm it didn't go so fast. I spend a lot of money on water. Change the characters names to fit what they look like. Then I'll rate 5 stars. Also moves slow when clicking the arrows and I miss customers. Not bad

Awesome! I loved Weed Firm before it got pulled off the app store. Fun and extremely addictive game. This game is so very similar with a few extras but a all around amazing fun game. #1 in App store!! No glitches or any probs!! GET IT NOW!!!!!! This game is amazing! 10/10 Must have

Love this game This games gave me no problems at all on my note 2 except the screen got flipped upside down all I have to do it rest start the app and it only have twice. once it suck and the other time it flipped back in place. This game is fun and addictive and easy to learn definitely can wait for more updates and to see this grow. Cool

Freezing!! I want to enjoy this game I liked weed firm well I loved it actually and this one seems pretty good to except it freezes when I play sometimes so bad it makes my phone restart... not cool I just want to virtually sell ganja!!! Works perfectly

Weed firm VS Dont sale weed? This game play smoother but weed firm gives you more XP for each mission, DONT SALE WEED gives you way less. Both fun games i have them both dnt know wich one im keepn aiming tords keeping this one if you can give us some of the things weed firm refuses to. Like cars , runners , payn off cops ,, diff cribs to buy etc Works great

Robbing? What happens if I select the gun. Who do I rob? How much of a chance is there that I fail/succeed? Amazing!

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