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Awesome app Even after subscribing to DnD I used to get about 4 to 8 marketing calls everyday. Being at work, I couldnt react at them. Now with this app, I am registering the complaint to TRAI with just a click and they never call me again. Thanks DnD Manager Cool

Awesome with a capital A. It automatically types the sms format accepted by TRAI to register for DND or to complain against telemarketing calls or messages and sends it too.

Very good initiative Many thanks for the developors, very much useful now a days. Will surely pass this message to my friends.

Superb..... Excellent concept... Every mobile user must have this application... just install, report and relax... no more annoying spam call/ irritating messages...

Very Good App....Dual SIM support required. Hello: I was previously avid user of India against SPAM...but due to a few shortcomings, I had to switch to this app. So far, I am quite happy with is as it has all the functionality and more. Requested Feature: Requesting the following features for DUAL SIM support. 1)Show calls/SMS received on second SIM in a seperate section/or mark calls and SMS with either SIM 1 or SIM 2 status below the calls. 2)Report calls/SMS received on 2nd SIM to be reported from 2nd SIM number - Preview SMS with an option of editing before sending would be good as well. 3)When reporting calls, give a separate field for "Company Name" where the information entered in that field is automatically appended to the SMS rather than to edit the SMS itself. If you can implement this, your app will become the perfect app!

Ecellent app to report spamming. It works perfect. On tata docomo, after reporting a spam call, received a call back from docomo customer care and assured action. Update: Recently started using a dual sim phone. And this app by default sends the 1909 sms to the 1st sim. Doesn't have option to chose which sim to send the message.

Very useful app Just install and use it, very useful app, easy to use, excellant app aganist spam

Amazing.. Exactly what we need right now. Spammers are killing us and now can hit them back. Hell yeah... ahsan bhai tussi chha gaye

Works for certain calls only I'm using Airtel, chennai, and when I register for complaints, some time I get error message to send it in the correct format but one of my complaint was registered successfully.

5* Awesome ...simplifies the complicated dnd complaint process .....Thanks for the app

Not working on dual sim phones Good app but it's only recognising the first sim. For me the second one is my number and the first one is for net connectivity

Service provider playing trick - Not working Error received while submitting the complaint.--- Your request cannot be processed. As per TRAI norms DND complaint can be accepted for calls/SMS received in last 3 days. Use the given Format:- Short description of Unsolicited Communication, SMS/CALL Header,dd/mm/yy Update : app working fine as far as TRAI rules are concerned.

Best app for stoping spam call/sms A must have app, very intelligent app,easy to use,great interface, thanx a lot for providing us,such a wonderfull app.

Nice app, does exactly what its suppose to do I was looking for an app to report unsolicited sms to TRAI and fortunately i stumbled upon this and I'm really pleased i installed it. Saved me a lot of effort to deal with unsolicited messages. Just one suggestion please provide options to add individual ids/numbers to ignore list. Otherwise highly recommend for fight against SPAM in INDIA

The best App for protection against spam calls and text messages #blockspamcalls #blockspammessages #Androidapp The best way to stop and block unwanted and Spam calls and text messages. The best android app for this purpose. Report any number to the concerned authority with built in standard format SMS in a minute or less. Sit back and relax and let this app take care of all the blocking and filteirng work for you.

Any plans for mails?? Pl provide option to mail service provider, apart from SMS. For every SMS sent, I receive a call from service provider. To avoid, right now I am sending mails by copying content generated by this app.

Awesome App! This is a mind blowing. I was looking for this kind of app quite a long ago.. A very big thanks to Developers. Cheers.

Excellent App for managing your DND Services! DND Manager is an excellent app to manage(activate/deactivate) your DND services.Also If you are get any spam Call/SMS, you can complaint to TRAI right away from this app, you will surely get a call from your network provider with the status of the your complaint..Great UI and easy to use.Deserving 5 star app.. Recommend to download DND Manager APK.

DND jus the right app! DND is an excellent app which takes care of all the unwanted sms and calls as well. Great UI and easy to use...thumbs up fr DND

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