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Very Good App....Dual SIM support required. Hello: I was previously avid user of India against SPAM...but due to a few shortcomings, I had to switch to this app. So far, I am quite happy with is as it has all the functionality and more. Requested Feature: Requesting the following features for DUAL SIM support. 1)Show calls/SMS received on second SIM in a seperate section/or mark calls and SMS with either SIM 1 or SIM 2 status below the calls. 2)Report calls/SMS received on 2nd SIM to be reported from 2nd SIM number - Preview SMS with an option of editing before sending would be good as well. 3)When reporting calls, give a separate field for "Company Name" where the information entered in that field is automatically appended to the SMS rather than to edit the SMS itself. If you can implement this, your app will become the perfect app!

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