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I think the content is great, with a wonderful selection of new and old films along with brilliant books and music. There are a few downsides as it take ages to download films, so you need to plan way ahead if you want something out and about. I've also had the app crash serval times, a reinstall fixes the issue but it usually happens when I'm on a long journey so unable to reinstall and download the films again. But otherwise I love it!!! Surprisingly

Usually works perfect but today the app wont open and keeps saying err experiencing problems any reason for this would hate to cancel my subscription Flawless

Just love Disney life. It's just fab my kids and myself always watching something on it, or readying a book or listening to music, thank you Disney x 5 star

Can u add seson 2 of gamers guide to pretty much everything and desendants 2 also make the viewing better e With the live tv. Great!

App keeps crashing when selecting content and going back to the start screen. Please fix this ASAP Perfect

It won't save anything to my favourites and the apps a bit slow at loading the videos. Just wow

Love this app, me, the wife and the kids think its awesome. Well worth the money. Brilliant

It used to work fine but now whenever I select a movie it comes up saying something like "this title is not available" I checked that I had the newest version of the app and that I had paid for the month and I have. Right now I am paying for something that I can't use. Perfect!

I cancelled my account but i am still being charged monthly! So as i was still being charged, i decided to download the app again and log in. Yet when i have tried to use both my email accounts, it states i do not have an account. Why am i being charged if i do not have an account? This is ridiculous. Highly Recommend.

Its a wicked app I love it can u put on finding Dory on Disneylife please. Should should be 5 stars Recommend

My family and I love Disney life, we got it on all our fire devices and tv's. For the price you can't go wrong. Would like the picture to be as sharp as Netflix and Amazon prime but other than that we love it. Always works with me. 5 star

The app is great, have it signed into my tv which adds convenience, having said that the fast forward and rewinding of a film is appalling. A Netflix style would suit this app better. And the "continue watching" doesn't always work which makes the fast forwarding more frustrating. My biggest gripe is when watching a film on my mobile device (Galaxy S9+) it doesn't play in full screen which totally neglects the increase in screen size. I had the same issue on the galaxy s8 with out any option to change the screen size. So I'm left having to try and watch a smaller image which huge black bars around the full film... These two issues for me need sorting out quickly to make this app much better. Recommend

Great app and service for the price. Can't wait to see if it becomes the main service to get all the movies instead of sky. I would love to be able to cast the music also but overall love it :) Must have

Decent app and great for the kids however, STILL only 3 stars because (like several other reviews) an auto-play is a must have on an app like this and is still no where to be seen. I wrote a review 7 months ago and told it would be looked into. If all other catch up channels/apps can have it then so can a multi billion pound Disney subscription service! Having to pick another episode every 10 minutes instead of just rolling on to the next is extremely annoying and not good when trying to entertain the kids. Great app for films but terrible and impractical for programmes/series. Works great

Great app, love the movies! Only reason it's not 5/5 is that it's advirtised as 1 month free and they took the money straight away! So little annoyed about that! Great!

I love everything about this app but I feel there's a few things missing. I'd like to be able to use DisneyLife abroad as I travel a lot and can't use it outside of my registered country. I'd also like to have the option to create a watchlist. These are my only grievances, the app works brilliantly and I adore having access to all my favourite Disney movies and shows. Not bad

This app is good, bu at the moment it will not let my daughter watch anything the app will freeze and take ypu back to the menu, i hope you fix this bug. Brilliant

A fantastic app and a great service! Some work needs to be done with the likes of navigation etc but other then that well worth the asking price for any fa Awesome

I would love to see a coming soon list and dates to look forward this would have something that the other streaming services don't have Works great

Great app and content just wish it had the ability to move to next episode on a series. It also doesnt let you know which ones you have already watched Not bad

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