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Happy but not happy It wont let me go to the next level. Ive passed lvl 86 four times and it keeps asking me if I want to redo the lvl again. NO! I want to go to lvl 87. Im addicted to this game. I love it. But why cant I keep playing through the levels... makes me sad.

great game but hate freemiums I've been playing this game since it launched. Good game enjoyable. The only thing that bothers me is the inability to properly save/transfer data. I played it on my Nexus 7 and was over level 200. Switched to an ipad and had to start from scratch because there is no save on the cloud. Bought a new android phone and luckily I was able to access a manual save file but only could restore to level 90. Wish I had done a manual save prior to erasing my tablet.

Cant stop playing I play candy crush but really prefer the graphics and characters here. Keeps me in touch with my inner child :)

Frustrated Love this game...however just got a new phone so had to 're-install. My other games that I have to log into with Facebook took me right time the level I left off at. This one made me start all over which sucked. I've been playing for quite awhile. Would be nice if you could fix and then would give 5 stars!

Please fix problem Please fix the bug in this game it is really getting annoying when you are playing and then it freezes and goes out of the game does no one who made this game pay attention to what other people are saying.

More levels? Finished all levels.....again. Not very fun when have to wait forever for new levels and than only 5 or so new ones are updated. Will be uninstalling very soon if not fixed

Captivating game, minor issues Not many games can keep my attention for long, but this one does. I was able to complete the game without spending a dime, but this game gets very frustrating once you get to level 200 and beyond. The animation begins to increase, and so do the in-game crashes...edited: since the latest software update, the crashes have stopped. So I'm happily updating this game to 5 stars!

Fun but frustrating I enjoy this, but get frustrated when it gets to a point when it forces the player to either replay the same level over & over OR buy an aid to get through. I've managed to be patient and continue to replay levels without purchasing. However, I have been stuck at level 101 for a long time. I enjoy the game; I don't want to give in and purchase more time or a tool. If it says it's free, then it should be free.

Lots of levels and challenging Different from most jewel and candy games, Frozen has different challenges every level. It takes more brains than speed, and you can progress without buying things. Though the in game purchases can make it more fun.

Loooooved it!!!! Finished the game today and it was sooo much fun and a little bit of a challenge. Really enjoyed it. Actually sad that its finished...had no problems ever with the game.

Don't uninstall! Be careful not to delete this game as you will not get it back! My phone did an update and deleted the game, reinstalled and im back at level one! Even signing into Facebook.

Fun but glitchy Love the movie and love this game but it takes a while to open and keeps crashing.

Didn't work I installed the game, but every time I went to play it took me back to the installing screen. Looks like a fun game and I wish I could play it.

Awesome I'm totally addicted to this game. Every time I get at least one heart, you'll be seeing meh play it. It's way better than candy crush..... Sooo recommend u to install and play "free fall!".

Addicting I like the game. I'm addicted, but I think after being stuck on a level, for so long of not being able to pass it, some kind of extra hint or help should be given atleast once. But it's an over all great game.

Enjoyable!! Having no time limit, but limited moves is a refreshing change to the match three theme. I like being able to think about the next move. No dash and smash. Liking it!

Excellent! I can't stop playing! The only thing stopping me is running out of lives and waiting. But it doesn't bother me! Get this app if you want something fun!

Love! This is lots of fun! I love having Anna and Elsa to help with the game, and their own special tricks are cool too!. Recommend to download Frozen Free Fall APK.

Good.! Love this game. Wish we could connect it to Facebook just like candy crush so that we have competition among friends and give lives to each other. This game is the best though the life notification is sometimes bugging me. Looking forward for new updates and awesomeness. Love the movie so much.. Recommend to install Frozen Free Fall APK.

So fun!! Awesome game! I love matching games and this is a great. Awesome game for anyone who likes cans crush or similar games :). Recommend to take Frozen Free Fall APK.

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