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The updates on the graphics, side games, and main characters is well forth the frustration of trying to get past the hard levels. But just as I'm about to give up and uninstall all game data just to put it back on so I can play the levels all over again. I realize I've won and beaten the level. This last level took me over 3 weeks to beat! Awesome!!!!!!! Surprisingly

I used to love this game, but now can't play it without giving it access to all of the stuff on my phone. So I am deleting it after like 2 or more years of having it. Well done!!

Irritating Updated 11/21 - it won't load. Updated 12/9 - loads now but now all the power ups I had ate goon and there are no more daily rewards. Surprisingly

Easier bonus levels nd less time regaining lives nd free powerups for levels or at least for logging in each day or playing consecutively everday wouldn't be so bad it is Christmas after all time to give back a little to devoted players...just something to consider that's all otherwise game is perfect,fun nd challenging! Not bad

Great game that I've enjoyed for years but unable to transfer progress from IOS to android. Unfortunately like many others I'm not playing until the requirement to access my personal files is removed. Worth a go!

Multi dimensional play that is fun, strategic and creative. Great game for all ages. Worth it!

I changed my rating from 5 star to 1 star. Love playing but now i Can't open the app unless I give permission to access my photos and files. Why?????? None of your business. If this isn't fixed I will be uninstalling. Perfect

Game doesn't work on Android 8.0 Oreo. But game is very Great. Only because of this 3⭐ Good

It's a great game, but lately when open a message appears "unfortunately Free Fall stooped working" Fabulous!

I Love this game! Graphics are Awesome, love the beautiful bright colors too! Great job, you made a great game. Challenging but fun Superb!

Im wondering why after playing for a couple years I was just requested for this app to access my personal files to play. Why? Flawless

Very dependent on in-app purchases unless you want to spend a lifetime on one level. Be prepaired this free game is far from free. Must have

I like the game but on 1 level it told me that i had to buy something and if i didn't it would not let me on the next level. Pretty good

I love this game! I just did the update but there's no Arendelle Plaza for me to go into. The rest of my family started after me and they all have access to that section. Why don't I? Highly Recommend.

Can't stop playing it. I hate when I run out off lives and have to wait to play again. Superb!

What's going on? Why after the latest update the game is asking for permission to access my phone??? It a Disney game!!! FIX IT!!! Perfect!

You need to disable the requirement to access files and photos to launch the game. There's no reason to make that a requirement to play. Other than that, I love playing the game. Go well

I'm really pissed...I haven't played the game in forever because it was's been redone or whatever and I logged in and all my work is gone...where is my Damn game Must have

Love this game it's fun and challenging. Just don't like that you need the internet and it takes so much battery. It has froze on me 3 times this is my 4th time downloading it. What happened to the daily rewards? Flawless

I love this game however since the last update I lost all of my power ups, snowballs and picks! And now I lose them everytime I close the game. When I come back to play later....nothing! Extremely frustrating and the lack of support is worse. "Nothing they can do" Is what I'm told. Funny...the game can save my level and all other information with Facebook and Google Games but not convenient...the one thing people purchase! Game starts over if you try to play on another device and they are no longer supporting the computer version. Game has gone downhill. Continually adding things and it is just crashing even more. Making it worse and taking my business elsewhere. Worth it!

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