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This game is long enough and hard enough to require some serious time to finish. I really like the different creative ways they made making matches fun. Brilliant

I have really enjoyed this game until all my power ups keep disappearing with updates. About to stop altogether. Superb!

No updates, can't continue on as i just finished level 1255. Come to a stand still with it saying more levels coming soon. So much for endless levels. Highly Recommend.

Love the game. Disappointed that there haven't been more new items to "buy" in Arendelle as you can only place so many lamp posts, benches and trees. Worth a go!

Very addictive. Downloaded for my 5yr old daughter & I play more than she does Marvelous

I really love this game! I've played it on the Xbox 360!it's soooooooooooo fun! I love it!if you hate you must of knocked your head on a rock! Well done!!

I just think u shud be able to earn power up and stuff a lil faster but otherwise I've always loved this game Great!

I would give it more stars if you could save your work to Facebook permanently. I hate starting over every single time. Plus it gets boring after a while because the levels almost repeat three over and over again. But that's okay. I still play it. Great time killer. Marvelous

I enjoy playing it. But it is froze right now. When I open it I only get the blue page. How do I unfreeze it without losing my levels? Awesome

Update is causing the app to freeze . Making it unable to exit out. The rewards are no longer there. Please fix! 5 star

HELP!!! I'm on The endless map . It won't let me go pass level 60.. it says I'm not connected to the internet, but I am... HELP please Cool

Game is buggy. Special levels disappear in the middle of the time frame, levels end before all items finish falling on your last move, switching phones causes you to loose some of your progress. Well done!!

This was great until the most recent update. Now it won't start up, just freezes on the blue intro screen, before the title even comes up. Cool

I love to play it very much. ..have completed all the levels. playing endless. ...always wait for updating. .. Highly Recommend.

Just got a new phone and when I connected to my Google play store to switch everything over I lost 200 plus levels and the Village, all my power ups and had to redo the special Christmas event. I enjoy playing the game, and would like to be back whereby was. Enjoy it!

Good game. Is there an update pending? All I get when wintry and load the game is a blank screen that the play button should be on...nothing on it, just a blank screen Just wow

Unable to open now. Get a blank screen. Gonna see if you can fix it, before deciding if I can continue Superb!

Just too hard to get through certain levels. As an example, the last level I used almost 40 boosts, that is way too many to make the game enjoyable. Perfect!

It's crashing ALL the time. I can't even open it now. Makes me so sad. Loved this game when it worked! Not bad

It's very entertaining. Family friendly! It's a game the whole family can contribute to and pass the different levels. I love that there are several maps and activities in between. Fantastic

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