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I've been playing for years and recently all of my power ups have been disappearing. I had a lot of them, then one day a few months ago they were gone. Got some more, then they disappeared again. Happened for the 3rd time again just this week. Why is it happening and how can I get them back? Highly Recommend.

I play s few games and then won't open. Very frustrating. Never used to do that. Just wow

I love the game but a few days ago, it wont load any further than the blue opening loading screen. Im on galaxy s7 and im afraid to uninstall/reinstall for fear of losing progress. And tips would be helpful. Ive put to sleep, cleared cache and restarted device. Only thing i havent done is clear data or uninstall. Works great

I changed my rating from 5 star to 1 star. Love playing but now i Can't open the app unless I give permission to access my photos and files. Why?????? None of your business. If this isn't fixed I will be uninstalling. This problem was fixed with the latest update. Thanks for listening. Well done!!

level 894 is not working plz fix this issue all the other old levels are working but not going to this one .its just showing ?????? These marks.thnx Amazing!

Same as most games i just like frozen & the different ways the gems break and fall Go well

Endless Map doesn't work. I've completed 45 Spring levels, but it still says "to play Endless Map complete 45 Spring Levels" Well done!!

Love the game but now having problems so I changed review....I accomplised all levels and and saved all progress now on endless tablet messed up and had to buy another tablet..downloaded the game got my saved game but am not picking up daily reward or events ..emailed support...told them everything they wanted to know...have not heard from them now for bout a month and game still messed up,'s very irritating!!!..might have to quit game frown...since u got everything fixed..thank you..I gave u the highest marks I could Flawless

I love this game it's very addicting! Wish you could buy the game so you can play with endless life. Works perfectly

I love the game. Super cute, I am never bored and it keeps me thinking on what to do next. Highly Recommend.

I love the game it makes you think and you have fun at the same time plus i love the little characters :) Fabulous!

Played this game for a few years, loved it and was my favorite game. I play on 2 devices. All of a sudden level 894 will not load! I've tried everything. Updated, cleaned cache still no luck. The page come up with ????? On it. Written to tech support twice and they don't answer. Very upsetting and frustrating. I have never had any problems until now. Hope they fix it and I don't have to delete it Well done!!

Thanks for rowing back on the files and media permissions elevation. I really really missed this game as I was never going to yield to the unnecessary permission requirements. It is great to be able to play this again. Cool

After the latest update (today) the app won't work. I was so advanced. If I lose my progress I'm deleting it permanently Great job

This app has lots of glitches. Currently unable to play because the next level won't open. Enjoy it!

I'm back on the Frozen bandwagon. The new updates are working and it's a fun game to play again. Must have

It would get 5 but the very intrusive microtransactions are annoying, but that's mobile apps these days I guess. Marvelous

Not quite sure what happened, but I couldn't get on for like 2 days and when it finally loaded all my bonuses were missing. That I had paid money for! Muito bom!

Its a very good game , it has a unique thing about it and I like this not only because its challenging and fun , I'm also a Frozen fan and I like this remake of a classical game for us into frozen type levels , I love this game Just wow

I just transfered the game to another phone and all my power upps were gone wow lol

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