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I changed my rating from 5 star to 1 star. Love playing but now i Can't open the app unless I give permission to access my photos and files. Why?????? None of your business. If this isn't fixed I will be uninstalling. This problem was fixed with the latest update. Thanks for listening. But now I play one level and the game freezes. Cool

It's comes to still everytime,and need to reset in order to play again... Plz fix this Muito bom!

After last update it can't close app and not gift for playing Now 9 mar 2017 had new update but it can't open this app on samsung note 8 Not bad

I enjoy playing the game very much. I would enjoy it more if there it more if if there were more moves added to some of the games. More ways to ear. Free stuff. Works great

A mellow puzzle game with enough variety to keep me going. It's a nice way to relax. Go well

It seems lately I'm getting locked out for 24 hours a lot! Like every 3 or 4 days. I'll get a 1 or 2 hour free play, and then get locked out for 24 hours. Really bringing the rating of your game down. Omg

A good game but the app restarts itself randomly. Very annoying when you're about to finish a level and have to start all over again Omg

I would give 5 stars but it keeps resetting and I have done lost 3 lives. Please fix this problem Enjoy it!

Having issues with the mini games. I'm playing them one minute, then they disappear. Please fix bug! Thanks! Works great

Was having problems with game spontaneously shutting down but seems to have been fixed with latest update Marvelous

Definitely super ahshume fun. More feature rich than Bejeweled. Frozen Free Fall is more polite than Candy Crush. Candy crush makes you wait a whole day to resume. Great!

Simple game, fun to play and I just play until my lives run out so often short bursts. But enjoyable and free! Marvelous

After updates, the app doesn't close. I have to go to the phone settings and force to stop the app, which is not comfortable. Muito bom!

So fun game...., me & my kids like it...... Worth it!

I like playing this game but it is too hard to het anywhere you play levels over and over and the speical levels you have to beat 5 in a row i have never ever won any off them and feel i waste time playing Fantastic

Have been playing this for a long time. However I was on level 268 on endless level when game froze. Closed game down only to find when I loaded it up again , I was on level 1. All my levels lost. Started again, got to level 13 when the same happened again. Not a happy player Amazing!

Every time I close the game I get notification that I have full set of lives, which is not true. Otherwise I am a fan. Fabulous!

The app occassionally hangs and if I reinstall it, I'd lose all the bonuses I've saved. The app has not been working/can't open it for the last 4 days. love it

New update with the Arendale plaza ruined the game for me. I don't want to build a town, I just want to play the regular game. It's getting to complicated. Recommend

Was a great game. But hasn't loaded for a week. I am stuck on the blue screen. Nothing happens. Please fix it. Worth it!

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