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I love the game but I hate u keep freezing up then I have to uninstall only to install it again and have to start all the Way over Omg

Sometimes is freezing, if i want to play it just shows black I must redownload again and again. U can finish. That silly Works great

Game keeps crashing when im about to win a level. Have lost lives and power ups because of it crashing. Ugh. Omg

About to uninstall. Arendelle is gone. GONE!! As of 2 days ago. That was the reason I love playing, building the plaza. Unless this gets fixed I'm done. Not bad

Working fine until today wont load just stuck on black screen please fix or it getting uninstalled Worth a go!

Completed this 3 times on other devices. New phone, and game has changed, updated version better and more interesting Cool

Takes way to long to get your lives on this game need to do something about that Surprisingly

I started playing this with my grand daughter and can't help myself continue to play when not with her. Thanks for the entertainment Worth it!

I LOVE IT >>>>BEST GAME EVER ........ AMEN............. Highly Recommend.

Since yesterday i cant load the game... all i get is a black screen... i have samsung s7, and unfirtunately i didnt back up game for some time. I just salayed new lewels with kittens and im afraid if i download it again i will lost all my progress. Help anyone? Works perfectly

Cant open since 2 days ago black screen and shuts down afterwards, something wrong with last update Pretty good

It won't update. Tried clearing cache and all the recommended steps. Still won't update. Amazing!

OK. I am a total Frozen lover! This was on the computer. When it broke, I found this! I am way ahead from my computer! Surprisingly

I'v loved this game for yrs & think the updated version to now build Arendale is awsum along with the new puzzles, however after readn others submissions I'm worried bcuz for the very 1stx i'v bn frozen out of the game #ohnoHELP Worth it!

I love the movie Frozen so naturally I adore this game! I have played it several times during the past few years and I love all of the new additions that the developers add ever so often. 5 stars for sure!!!! Well done!!

The game is fun but I have wasted 30 moves out of 40 on levels where the moves don't do anything Perfect

I Love This Game! It is So fun! Best game ever! It doesn't lock me out and it doesn't freeze! I don't have to do anything but play this awesome game! Pretty good

Earlier version was not so good, but has since improved greatly. I also have since gotten new devices so am enjoying this game much more. Great!

Overall it's a very fun game just a little too difficult to get through some of the levels Cool

Very reach and playful game. Some of the levels are very difficult or frustrating for me but finally I pass them. Omg

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