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It's a very addictively intense fun exciting game that requires a sharp eye and sometimes very quick hands. There is a lot of planning and strategy that will help you keep passing levels and earning points and just plain enjoying your time playing the game. Muito bom!

Irritating Updated 11/21 - it won't load. Updated 12/9 - loads now but now all the power ups I had are gone and there are no more daily rewards. Marvelous

Love it! Had this before but kept crashing and wiping levels so uninstalled it. Now a year or so later I'm loving it. All of the above fixed and I've completed the winter levels and on 169 on summer levels. Love the plaza too. Well done, great game! Good

The items you can get per level played do not show up. These are the items for extra power ups. wow lol

I love Frozen so much and this game really makes me special I hope more level, season and power ups will come soon. Very Good Game Thank You so much Disney! Just wow

As I get further and passed levels it froze and only way to go on is to start the level again Cool

Dont wanna stop. Wanna go on n on n on. Its cool try it. Though some levels are more tasking but das wat it should be. Try it u love it. Well done!!

It's very difficult at times. You wait long for your lives to fill. Otherwise I really like it. Enjoy it!

Really addictive and love the fact that you can build up arendale and it isn't just about puzzles Superb!

After update it will not open even after uninstalling & installation a second time. Highly Recommend.

The updates seem to have fixed my previous issues and it's back to being great. The only problem is sometimes on the collect the items challenges, after the first play the challenge disappears - weird!!! Good

Last update messed everything up! Level 1323 is glitched and you can't get past it. Tiles freeze and even if you get all cleared, it won't recognize it. Brilliant

Normally if u have it saved on google play games it will return to where u left xx hope this is the same for u guys xx Recommend

I am up to level 1323 and cannot pass it. It glitches with the cloud not moving anymore or the tiles won't clear if there's an automatic match. I've used power ups to help me pass the level but it gobbled them up and still no progress :( and I've also noticed the star earning panel is now blank. Fantastic

I'm using Samsung j7 nxt prime. I want to open the arendelle page but suddenly it was always loading... What can I do now ?? I want that place for playing... Please, help me as soon as possible... Marvelous

It's excellent game this kind of an game I have never played before.......☺☺☺ wow lol

Love love this game! Just started playing it a little, but definitely super cute! Love the background sounds too. They're not annoying like some games that repeat the same darn words throughout the game. Uuuuuugh! So annoying. Thank you developers for not destroying the fun in this game by putting repeating vocals. The music is calming, the graphics are awesome! I don't have the funds to purchase power-ups, etc., but it's still fun! This 51yr. old lady thanks you bunches! Enjoy it!

It is a fun and entertaining game. I LOVE the Arendelle addition. Sometimes graphics stick. And I rarely play way I can win without special items. Superb!

Love the improvements, I played this before when it first came out, it got a little monotonous but now it's fun again. :) Highly Recommend.

I wish they would bring back the 2x for 15mins and thing and the 3 extra moves for watching the ad Amazing!

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