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I love this game. When switched phone's I lost all of my characters though. And still trying to get them all back. Super pain in the butt. This game is still a great time filler. Fabulous!

The weekend challenge keeps resetting itself and clearing all of my progress any time I have to stop playing the game. Irritating. I've lost so many challenges this way. Even after updates, reboots, etc. May have to uninstall altogether. It's upsetting to be so close to earning the enchanted character only to find you have to do it all over again the next time you go to play! Omg

I love that you dont need wifi its so good for car rides and the different settings for each movie makes it way more fun.plys the music.the only down side is i think it should be you can not get the same characters 2 or more times Enjoy it!

I love how it interests people by how you can get different characters. I love how it's from almost all disney movies and you can get like rare or epic characters so then kids can try to compare epics and rares Good

For Disney and crossy road fans alike. Great characters to unlock. Fun daily and weekend challenges to complete. You can spend money but you don't have to. Lots of work went into getting the little details of our favorite characters. Great job

Great characters. However they have no unique sounds like the original game does, such as for death and motion. Makes it more fun...And funny. I.e. in the original game, some characters even have talking phrases and death grunts. Hope Disney is not "red taping" the appmakers. Just wow

It is so fun how you can get new characters every hour and I like how they all have a different world and they all have different ways to play in the games and it feels like your going up levels. Perfect!

Fun, colourful, brilliant time waster. It's a joy to play as all the classic characters, and working towards unlocking more is strangely compelling. My only issue is that lag makes most worlds completely unplayable (Finding Dory, for example) to the point where you can furiously tap the screen, and your figure will not move. So whilst I am mostly restricted to just playing The Lion King world, I still thoroughly enjoy this game. Pretty good

It's fun and all but makes me mad when I work for so many coins and I constantly get double characters! Jus a waste of all I worked for Highly Recommend.

I appreciate the throwback to frogger with Disney characters that you can collect, but I just didn't really love the game. I've played it like twice, then stopped. Awesome

This is a fabulous time waster if you've got the time. Extremely addicting and fun environments and characters. However, while playing as the Dormouse(from Alice through the Looking Glass),I got killed on the SIDEWALK. Please see if you can fix that. Thank you(but it is still an amazing game). Works perfectly

Tickets Never Register I've upgraded a bunch of guys now, and the 10 tickets you're supposed to get for doing so do not save. A couple minutes ago from the time I write this, the tickets didn't save. On top of that, the 50 tickets from the first daily challenge you try didn't save either. It's pretty unfair don't you think? I'd buy the ticket packs, but I'm afraid to do so and have my money wasted when they most likely wouldn't save. Fix this please, and if there's a way to get the tickets I'm owed back, that would be great as well. Just wow

Saw this being played by James and Mike from cinemassacre, thought I'd give it a go. It's fun, just don't like the screen chasing me but adds some challenge. New age frogger, with plenty of disney characters from my childhood Flawless

I'm having a bit of an issue with the tickets. They never register and I never get to keep them. The 50 free tickets from the 1st daily challenge you participate in didn't stay after I received them, and I didn't spend them either. And I've had at least 40 tickets not stay after leveling up characters. So that's at least 90 tickets I should've gotten that I didn't get to keep. I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done, but if this could be fixed, it'd be awesome! Recommend

An all new app where you can play as characters from the following: DuckTales * Cars * Lilo and Stitch * Beauty and the Beast * The Incredibles * Mulan * Moana * The Nightmare Before Christmas * Aladdin * Monsters, Inc. * Pirates of the Carribean * Finding Dory * Alice Through The Looking Glass * The Jungle Book * Zootopia * Mickey Mouse & Friends * Toy Story * Haunted Mansion * The Lion King * Big Hero 6 * Tangled * Inside Out * Wreck-It Ralph Superb!

Love love love this game!! The only down side is I haven't had it for long but if I try to get a character like with the coins, I keep constantly getting "taffyta muttonfudge" ... I have had her over 7 times and it's getting really annoying especially if I try hard to get the coins and I only get a duplicate Works great

I love this game but on the weekebd challenges Friday it starts,Saturday I have to start all over,Sunday I have yo start all over again. so I could collect 100 coins 3 times, and collect the same figure 3 times. Please fix so it saves progress on weekend challenges Fantastic

I love this except two problems. Where is Star Vs The Forces of Evil and Gravity Falls? I am a huge fan of both shows and when I downloaded it I expected that to be there. All and all great game though Worth it!

I got the green tickets and every time when I get them, they where gone after a few minutes and I haven't spent them. I don't know if your still working on it but can I get them back. I got at least 27 green tickets and there all gone. T-T Perfect!

Fun game. LOTS of characters and scenes! Only complaint is, NO DIRECTIONS!!! I don't know how to access the things some of the characters can do? So, why bother to buy an upgrade? wow lol

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