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I've used this only once but, while it's pretty slow, it did work and, by recovering a document that I'd mistakenly deleted, it saved me hours of work. So, my experience with it is good. It requires root access. My current phone isn't rooted but I rooted my ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T because, without root and a custom ROM, it's a piece of crap. Rooting and putting in a custom ROM helps a little. But, now I'm very glad that I was pressed to root it to increase the performance. If I hadn't, I couldn't have retrieved this file. Well done!!

Feature Suggestion: Sorting Results I would like to request the feature added to sort recovery results by various file attributes; Size, Name, Type, Date, either ascending or descending. It is too difficult navigation the long list of recoverable files when I could have just sorted by size, largest first, and been done with it. ---- Otherwise looks like a good app so far, small, not bloated with ads, and works on my CM12.1 Lollipop build for Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 P600. Muito bom!

Excellent As it says it recovered 9000 image for me and 5000 hidden, i want to ask if i deleted and wanted to install i don't have to pay again correct its one time payment? 5 star

Great app ever but photo quality is bad This is well done. You guys deserve to be paid more for this app. This is really doing what it was designed for. But the quality of the photos is bad. Please fix that. Recommend

A must-buy! This app saved me a huge hassle, and recovered some photos that I had accidentally deleted. The free app quickly did exactly what it was supposed to, letting me copy the recovered photos to my computer. I was so impressed, that I bought the paid version of the app to show my support! It's only $2.99, folks!! Every Android user should own this fantastic app!

Saved the day Extremely easy to use and 100% effective. I can't believe I was able to restore my precious delete photos. Awesome app. The best.

Used it a few times now.... Takes awhile to scan, but that's based on card size (64gb for me). Then, its recommended to save the lost files OPPOSITE of where they were lost from (lost from card->save to phone, and the other way around). Don't remember how much I paid, but it works.

Not perfect There should be an option to scan specific folders. Sometimes scanning a whole partition for 1 file which we know its original location is useless

Outstanding App! Superb! Tested and it found jpeg, zip files deleted a month ago. Remember this will work best if your storage has larger free space and area occupied by deleted files hasn't been overwritten with new data. Very handy and really works, other apps in the market claim to do the same but are just glorified recycle bins. For rooted phones only. DiskDigger Pro is well worth buying!

Works great! Works exactly as advertised. I could care less about cloud support, but its nice for those that do I guess. This is a root app, dont cry and rate badly if you don't have root. Maybe try the free version first.

Good, but missing something I'm not sure the code that would go on behind the scenes, however it would be beneficial to have an "advanced option" that allows you to input the extension you want. It would put it more on par with PC restoration software. Especially if it's one of the non standard video files (I.e. *.mkv, *.mov, *.mpeg, etc)

Found It found most of my photos but the ones I really wanted are messed up due to the app.

Where are the 3gp videos? Why can't I see my recently deleted 3gp videos? It only shows pure mp4 files. Are my 3gp videos one of these? Wish there were more details. It's confusing.

Nice I already got the files that I need , I delete it around 1 year ago and fortunately it appears . Great app Go well

Worked as expected. The app worked as expected. People giving it bad reviews don't understand how data is stored. When your phone is wiped or something is deleted its actually still there. The area it was stored on is marked as able to be saved to. So if something saves to that particular block then your pictures, videos, or whatever can not be recovered. It's not the apps fault it can't recover it. The data is simply not there.Don't give a bad review when you don't understand how it works.Bought the paid version to review it. Just wow

It Works to a Pretty Decent Degree I didn't get everything, but at least I was able to recover more than the other apps I've tried, and recovered the whole song rather than parts. I'm also happy it didn't crash. In other words, it worked pretty well. Flawless

I love this app I backed up my photos on my sd card to factory restore my phone and all my pictures got formatted on my sd card and i didn't tell it to format the sd card so then i found this app and got my pictures back plus so other pictures that i deleted a while ago. I love this app!! Great!

Amazing I "acquired" a copy of this app & just felt I had to support the developer by purchasing the full copy. Managed to recover important PDF's after doing a factory reset, that I thought I'd never be able to get back. Highly recommended. I can't speak for other people's bad reviews, but my experience is absolutely 1st class. Awesome

Saved lots of memories I can't thank you enough for this app. It literally saved my life. Recently I lost my computer with all my private data on it & I didn't have any backup. I thought I could restore the files from my phone because I have every photo on my computer and on my phone as well. But then somehow my new computer deleted all my data on my external SD card - the worst case... This app was able to restore like 98%, totally 11674 photos and videos. I had only ~20 corrupted photos, but hell YEAH, I got my life back, THX!

Fantastic! I manage recover 12 pictures that just went missing from SD card and now i got it back. I also accidently delete one picture aswell but i got it back too. This made me happy. Thanks to who made this app.

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