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Works as it should. The 1 star whiners know nothing of file systems and data recovery. Blurry images are recovered thumbnails, not all files can be recovered if already overwritten etc. 5 stars Flawless

Completely worth it!! This app helped me recover 900 photos that had been deleted by a corrupted SD card ! Works perfectly

It saved my pictures on my note 4. Very happy found pictures I didn't even know I had. Muito bom!

Works like a charm! It is the best of its kind in my opinion. Make sure you have root access like the creator clearly mentioned in the desciption, otherwise it spawns these unnecesary bad ratings and destroys the reputation of a well functioning app. Fantastic

This app saved my butt and retrieved most of my photos. The complainers cannot read instructions and/or have no idea about IT. You need to root your device otherwise the app will only retrieve the low quality thumbnail pics. The high quality pics are in the system that only root access can manage. Also, you need to stop using your device the moment you realise you have accidentally deleted files/pics otherwise the deleted file locations are overwritten, hence the other low quality pics or straight out in retrievable files. This will give you the best chance of retrieving the most files. Omg

Works great for me. I don't know what everyone is complaining about. The paid version is a "donate" version. If you like the work, show support for it like I did Fantastic

This app works provided that the space of deleted data is not overwritten by new data. wow lol

Ap recovered photos but their all blurry almost the same as not having them even in the pro version why don't they save as completely clear? Pls fix issue. Good

My photos suddenly vanished off my phone. I searched every file on the phone and couldn't find a trace of them. installed Disk Digger and five minutes later had them back again, including ones I had deliberately deleted long ago. You then choose which you want to recover and where you want to recover them to. I recovered to the DCM folder on my phone and also to Google Drive with just a couple of clicks You get a lower definition than the original copy back unless you have a rooted phone, which I haven't but you do get your memories back and perfectly viewable. Delighted. Recommend

The app is amazing but please keep development going to dig even further in to the phone like keepsafe app files and more please we need a new update to dig even more thanks Highly Recommend.

This app is outstanding¡¡¡ For the money u cannot get any better. And for your rooted phones I definitely recommend this app global wide.. Good job guys keep up the great work¡¡¡ Perfect

Keren banget....foto ga sengaja kedelete sama anak,semua balik lagi...greaaattt.....thanks for this app...thanks for developer ... :) Great job

Life saver Recovered about two hours of lost work. Thanks Word, with your amazing Autosave functionality, geez.. Worked absolutely fine, and would recommend. Note there are limits to what any Android file recovery software can do. Files are initially marked for deletion, and are eventually overwritten by the system. So the sooner you get in there and run the app the more likely it is you'll be able to recover your lost files. 5 star

Saved my life.. I accidentaly delete a photo, another app can't find it but this app can! THANK YOU! Well done!!

Awesome! Recovered all my photos I accidentally deleted on my galaxy note 3. Noticed it even recovered photos i deleted over a year ago. Thanks alot!! Perfect!

This is the best app ever. I deleted a photo album and tried pc based recovery programs. I was discouraged and tried this. All photos restored! And they are the deleted photos. There are multiples, but if you take the time to sort through - it's worth it. Thank you! Not bad

OK app Found my deleted pics which I'm very greatful for and the $ was worth it. Would have been awesome if they were restored in the original quality though. Well done!!

Saved my life I know we all say this but goddamn, this app is magic, all the pc apps failed and wasted my time, this app found my photos in a heartbeat, definitely worth the bux spent! Hands down!!! Worth it!

Great piece of kit This worked when nothing else came close. Really impressed by its efficiency at mining files I'd given up for lost. Many thanks. Pro version bought without hesitation. Perfect

Need Help Hello, I bought the pro option but it won't allow me to scan for videos, I'm stuck with pictures. Need help please. Thanks. wow lol

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