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Just love it. Small simple and easy to use, the audio activated feature works as a charm. Not bad

Guys it actually good it isn't about the graphic, at least they can make apps like this... Good

Flashing colors Unfortunately the colors changed so fast, instead of being cool, just game us a headache.

Great flashlight & cool extras! ! Amazing flashlight Lots of cool party effective, a nice unobtrusive app. A must have from now on!!

Yesza Almost perfect..just need more functions like screen off but strobe still on and disco lights on without shake

Great! :-) I like the app, I wish you would add something like laser lights or something, THAT would be cool! But yea, as I said earlier, this app is great :-)

Too much fun I'm having waaayyyy too much fun playing with the voice and shake light all night

Awesome This app is pretty cool I use the strobe light as a walk down the street and it cautions all the drivers passing by

Great app! Hang your phone over your head and it give you a realistic disco dance club feel!

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