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It is a good game for all age's offline game. I think switch the shots and special because its hard to swipe and the enemy it hard to look because of the hand. the shot is on the top and the special is on the bottom.the survival mode has no price win Well done!!

It is a good game for all age's offline game. I think switch the shots and special because its hard to swipe and the enemy it hard to look because of the hand. the shot is on the top and the special is on the bottom. Perfect

When does the new level come out??? Been waiting a month, and I cannot wait anymore for my dinos' sake Anyways love ur game Amazing!

You might be thinking I'm crazy but it would be cool if you made $0.05 like 1 million diamonds pay $0.05 for 1 million diamonds will you please do that Developers please I'm begging you you know how many people have struggled and struggled to beat this game 50 million that's how many people have tried and tried to get good at this game even me I'm including one of those 1 million people 50s I mean like what Superb!

Well this is common isn't it? Prehistoric dinosaur's vs Crazy cavemen who want to eat a egg called (The chosen one). The dinos clearly want to defend it untill it's born witch is very interesting and not natural because dinosaurs would have cannibalism meaning they eat their own kind but still this isnt natural but i like this so i rate five stars. You should make rather a realistic game of dinosaurs. Thats true though Just wow

I love this game u kill cavemen with dinosaurs and no need of internet connection I love this game plus I'm a YouTuber so I can show this game to everyone and can u add a trex the shoots fire and call it Kiryu please and thank u Marvelous

Great game if you feel like replaying the same levels over and over again or watching ads to boost your coins. While the game is fun and great for the first 30ish levels, after that many enemies are introduced that make this game feel like a chore when you play it. The only way to beat these enemies are upgrading your dinosaurs, which I do understand, but the problem is that when you try to replay levels to gain coins needed to upgrade your shots or dinosaurs, there are not enough coins given to the player. Infact there are more coins rewarded when you watch ads, but you're not playing the game. While the game can be fun, it is certainly taxing to play the later levels. Perfect!

Hello can I just say, the game is awesome and i discovered that when I have alot of raptors it makes the level more easier if it's hard. Also when are you guys gonna update the game again. Awesome

It is a must have for all younger players but the scientific mistake was dinosaur's did not live at the same time as cavemen other wise this game was AUSOME wow lol

I like the game the only thing is that the boms take so long to load and the apples to so ur getting hit big time before it loads more I think the more levels u play the faster it should get Recommend

Fun an and great time killer And good graphics, but there's one problem... You need 3 Facebook friends to go to the next island or 7 gems, that means that you need to BUY gems or have Facebook friends or wait 24 hours. I have no friends Highly Recommend.

Good game It is a good game we can upgrade and we have to ask our friends or wait till the other day to get to the next island Recommend

When you will update next level more than 100level? I won until 100level and then it could not play anymore. Just only show "The journey is not over! More Levels coming soon!" I would like to play more next levels!!! Marvelous

REX JR OP I'm not saying make it less strong just because easy at start but very good for later on AND LOVE THE GAME easy 5 stars and maybe Awesome

I don't like how they only give u 1 Good

Smooth relaxing It kinda has a litttle kid feeling to it like it was meant for children 1w and younger still tho im in my 20s and i really like it very good tjme killer Works perfectly

Great game. Wish you didn't have to ask friends to help you get to the next area, though. Go well

Dino Dis is an so well made game and I love it alot because it's likely you can lose so I rate this game 5 stars cause how good it is. love it

Nice Game This is a really fun game and it i easy.y to level up, but I think you guys should add more levels because it is hard to level up once you reach level 100. Cool

Good game. Needs more levels. I like that I can watch ads to boost coins. Wish it was a little easier though. Works great

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