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The problems I wrote about yesterday seem to have been solved. Can't delete previous review, so just to say when it's doing what it is meant to do it's good. Recommend

Not bad. Was glitchy at first with keyboard not showing up. It's a simple app. Let's me keep track of daughter's meals to track her allergies Great!

Does what i wanted w/o being overly up in my business. I just needed a basic journal app. Perfect!

I love this app. I'm not a fan of the calorie counting apps, because that's not my goal. I occassionally go through stress induced eating disorders and this has made a huge difference in holding myself accountable to eating and making sure I'm getting the nutrition I need to be healthy. Muito bom!

Simple interface. Easy too use. Doesn't try to over-lead you tracking your eating. Would not be the best for rigourous or analytical diet tracking, but easy for starting to track your diet. Brilliant

Love it! I wanted something simple to track my food. I won't count calories because I spend more time doing math than eating, but I still want to track what I ate (so I can look back if I get sick) and how much. This way I can jot down my own amounts (like "lots" or "reasonable portion") and still access it easily in the calendar view. I had issues with typing but I closed the app and came back and it was fine. Highly Recommend.

Love it!!! Finally a food tracking app that treats me like an adult. No incessant ads and useless info, no burdensome food lists, obsessive calorie counting, etc. Just log my food the way I'd like and go. Thank you! wow lol

Simple and straight forward food diary, no constant messages or requiring calorie counting, you can track water and exercise as well. I do wish that thry would have a few colors available so you could change the color of your diary with the free version, I don't really feel like paying a few dollars just to change the color. Well done!!

Does exactly what it says. You can write in what you have had throughout the day and it is stored on a handy calendar menu where you can review everything. It doesn't give any measurements/units. It's literally a food diary to keep note of your eating habits yourself. Worth it!

Simple, no-frills food diary. Exactly what I've been looking for since basically Apps first existed. Just been using the yearly diaries up til now. No barcodes, no scanning, no photos. Just a simple food diary. One bug - it freezes often when saving an entry, forcing you to exit and restart the app. Okay, updated review - had this app a while now. Hoped bug would be fixed. Entered days food and lost it all, twice. Might just give up and use another app. love it

Easy to use. I like that it doesn't need me to weigh or measure things and isn't a calorie counter. That makes it much easier for me to keep up with it and track the foods I'm eating, since I'm pretty good with portions already. It still makes me think twice when eating things I shouldn't. Perfect!

The app shuts down when I tap on an incorrectly spelled word. Other than that it is very nice and simple. Well done!!

Love the basic simplicity. Exactly what I was looking for. There is one bug I've discovered, it won't accept apostrophes. Anytime I write something with an apostrophe the screen freezes. Take out the apostrophe and it works fine. Odd.... Highly Recommend.

It's very basic and easy to use. Freezes quite often when editing.. Not able to save so I have to exit app completely then reenter everything. Not sure the purpose of the statistics, doesn't show anything meaningful. Superb!

Simple and easy to use. Can just write down every little thing you eat. So easier to track on what you ate the few days back Just wow

Lovely clean easy to use app. Just what I wanted! Only problem is if you misspell a word it crashes the app! Worth it!

Great app. I use the for tracking my food intake. I would suggest however that you add in an option of 'how did you feel'. I get ill after certain food and would like to note how I felt each day. Good

It has simplified and eliminated the effort of recording meals and eating habits. If you could move the allocated slots after it has been recorded then the opportunity exists for a extemxed meal planner. (Write down a bunch of snacks/lunches etc. and then move them to future days for example) Fabulous!

This app is exactly what it says it is - a simple food diary. No searching for the food that matches what you ate, no calorie and nutrition details. This makes it easy to use by simply writing down what you ate and drank. The ability to list exercise is nice. I haven't experienced the freezes or crashes some reviewers mentioned so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because there's always room for improvement. love it

I needed an app to track what I eat to be aware of possible migraine triggers, but didn't want to be bothered with a calorie counter. This works perfectly! 5 star

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