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Definitely needs some work. I had lots of fun building and experimenting with blocks. I almost forgot it was a block I was holding....until it glitches out and lost track of the cube. The game is laggy and that really hurts it. Maybe if you add some video quality settings, it could work. This cube is really cool and innovative, but you need to fix some minor things. I hope you guys keep supporting this cube. I really look forward to updates and more games Worth it!

There should be an option to change the size of the cubes. Also, it should be so you set the cube on the table and move the phone to control the clicker in phone mode, because it is hard to navigate. Worth a go!

I love it. To all the people who complain about lag its not the game its the quality of the camera Perfect

It was a little Laggy but it is still a good game and holding the cube is like holding your own virtual world! (And it's cheap too! 1$ to be exact Brilliant

Developers please put out more content for this app. This app has so much potential! Fabulous!

Must have

Highly Recommend.

Pretty good


Works great

Overall it's a nice game, it's laggy though.The concept of the cube is great, the game is laggy. wow lol





Edit: This game is only reasonable if you use the VR mode with MERGE visor (so you have access to the 'action' buttons). If using in the Phone Mode this game is almost unplayable, it's too jumpy to accurately complete actions as you would like. Accessing the tools on the side are extremely difficult: you have to bring the cube to the side ALMOST out of view, just a bit too far and the cube is out of frame so you lose the interface all together. If you happen to get that perfect balance and place the dot cursor right where you want and tap near the cursor where the action occurs, then you've successfully performed that one step, it's TIRING. Imagine holding your phone close to your face so you can see the screen, but with the other arm extended as far away as you can and holding/twisting the cube to access the right tool, AND hitting a selective button for the action. Basically this game is unusable in phone only format. Works perfectly


Just wow

love it

This is a fun little building game that, once you get the hang of it, is pretty simple. It's an interesting concept and has great potential. The only problem for me is that, when in phone mode, it's really slow. Like I move or shift the cube and it needs to stop tracking it in order for it to move on screen. This makes it difficult to use, especially on my tablet. It works a little more smoothly on my phone though(doesn't stop tracking it, just buffers). So it just needs a little more tweaking and it'll be perfect. Muito bom!

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