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Simpler than some, can be too much so. Thus far, not bad. I do wish I had more food choices in each category, or the ability to write in a substitution and its nutritional information. From there it could be used to make adjustments within the remaining meals and snacks, so that the caloric, fat, etc figures stay reasonably close to the same. To note changes in an item, a smaller portion or a new recipe used, would also help. Making notes works, but isn't ideal.

☺ I love this app it's really good but as I'm vegan I have to use veggie menu and change out stuff I can't have but it is cool as I have a menu to use everyday

Wooo! :D It's amazing, it helps so much with dieting. I use it as like a thing to tell me what to eat that day and it's stopped me snacking on unhealthy things and I only eat what it tells me to :) everyone needs this :3 x

Great Helps me keep track of weight loss as well as developing healthier eating habits

Better than expected Just started using the free app It's simple to follow But you need the pro version if u want eat out

Highly Recommend I've always had trouble keeping my weight down. I do great for one week and then my food addiction brings me back to my original weight. Or more! Now I actually have a plan to stick to. I never realized how important it is to actually have a plan Fabulous!

Easy to use Diet planner has many features and yet it is very simple to use. They really did a great job at making the interface easy to use Muito bom!

Lots of information The charts really help you see the progress that you are making. And seeing results motivates me so much Worth it!

Im so excited So excited to start getting in shape. I have a long road ahead but every journey starts with 1 step right? Perfect!

Instant Results The diet assistant helps me change my diet almost immediately. I never tried changing what I eat because I didn't even know how. With this diet its so easy I wish I would have started sooner. Just wow

Lots of diets The app has lots of diet plans to choose from. There is literally something for everyone Great!

Encouraged by others The chat helps me talk with people who are into he same spot that I am and we encourage each other to keep up the good work. Well done!!

Great app for people trying to lose weight. Recommend

Great meal ideas. Well done!!

This app is helping me stick to my diet. Highly Recommend.

No food diary. Magnific

Amazing I just enjoy the simplicity and care about details I only miss the gain weight diet plan love it

Works The first weight loss plan that actually works. I've tried everything to lose weight but this time I'm going to do it the right way with this help of Diet Assistant Surprisingly

Great start Definitely helps you to understand what to eat and when. Helps with understanding the type of meals you can eat for each type of diet

Great planner I like it because I look at diet instead of just thinking about what I'm going to eat next. Thank you!

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