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This is an awesome app. I write alot of poetry but go through alot before I write one that I am willing to share with my small circle of friends they're always looking for my note book or whatever they can find that I have left laying out to read more. Now it will be with me all the time! And it's really awesome for mind notes and personal notes or what not. Any who exactly what I was looking for. Surprisingly

I love this app because i can put lock and it is a good app who did this Fantastic

It is V.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v nice game. Friends please dounload it today and now this time. I like it because it makes our brain strong writing a paragraph on any topic. Please dounload it. Brilliant

Great app! Very useful! Also, since it has Cloud saving, you can't lose anything! Enjoy it!

عالی Not bad

I love this diary. It's simple but exactly what you need. And the best thing about it there's no ads thank you very much for that. Just one thing. If your syncing with a cloud then how secure is it that nobody can read what you're writing? Thank you Surprisingly

You can't get anything better out there.This is the best with easy backup between your Android phones.I am loving it more and more. Working wonderful from the first day I downloaded the app. love it

It's a very good app. We can store our emotions and nobody see it if we don't want them to see it. But I also have a problem with the reminder that we cannot write about what the reminder is about or for what we have activated the reminder. Cool

Amazing! It's absolutely great to use and very efficient, I love writing in this thing! My whole life is now depended on something that might as well be saved forever! Pretty good

It is oosome then other app . I liked it more because I'm writing my all secret in them Works perfectly

Very easy to use and is actually very time consuming I find it very helpful to other things Works great

It is a very good app. I love it very much. The diary is useful for weighing anything. But why the smilies ate less?. Worth it!

It's ok I think it should have a place to put Ur deepest darkest secrets so know on can see them except U but yea a bit boring and a waste of space but it's ok wow lol

La migliore app di sempre, 5 stelle meritate. Ce l'ho da un anno, però per favore aggiungete la possibilità di inserire le foto Marvelous

This is the best place to write all the secrets.I love this secret diary.I can reveal my secret here without worries as it has a lock.There are no adds in the game. Perfect!

Latest Update. THANK YOU for moving the big EMOJI face out of the way!! Can we get new fonts? 5 star

This app was great. I love it. It works more well than any other diary with lock! Worth it!

I'm happy that I can write things and no one seeing what I write and I like how it keeps it locked Well done!!

I love it!!!! Its like a book in a gadget! This app is super useful!! THIS APP WILL BE FOREVER USED!! Amazing!

I think its a great one. Colour changing option for theme is good. And even the reminder option too. But can you add an option for adding photos to it. I really want to add pictures for what i write. Marvelous

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