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There only thing I didn't like was how limited the app was before purchasing the full version. However, it's such a good price and the full version is so useful to me - I have MDD and PTSD and this is super handy for tracking my moods and figuring out what makes me happy and what makes me feel gross. I really love this app, but again it was necessary for me to buy the full version in order for it to work properly for me, which is something I do not like. Also again, though, it's a very good price and the full version is great. Worth a go!

I think this is brilliant. Ive tried a few different apps but this is by far the best. I have Bpd and think it's a very good way of keeping track of my moods and thinking. I love how you can personalise your own moods and activities. The only suggestion I have is in the stats tab you could perhaps have a chart displaying an hourly mood chart. That would be really good for people like myself who's moods shift and change almost hourly. Even if that's just something you add to the paid version. Other than that it's a perfect app both the free and upgraded version but considering how good it is I think its well worth paying for the upgrade version so you can add even more moods and activities than what you can on the free version. I'm not one for paying for apps but this is worth every penny. Brilliant

Amazing App!! Great for journaling, remembering things, remembering when things happened, creating habits, identifying cycles, and more. You can create symbols for new things and then search them. You could track small things for medical reasons for example or health. Just an amazing app! You can also backup the info on your computer or another device. Fantastic

Really great, fun, beautifully intuitive and extremely customisable app. Ideal for tracking moods, activities, building routines, keeping a journal or log. Built for humans to use. Hard not to love a reminder system that lets you dismiss it with "oh, not now!"! Actually that tempts me to fill it in more happily than apps that sit there demanding you attend. Likewise the warning about dismissing symbols in current use makes me smile (and then think). Love love love this app. Keep up the great work. Suggested updates: I like that there are lots of potential symbols for activities, but the random order can make it hard to pick the best one out - some sort of sub-group ordering or folders might be useful here. Fabulous!

Definitely recommend paying for as it removes adds and you can add more moods and activities. I use it now to help track my depression and I'm already seeing a pattern through the stats I've never noticed before in myself. Very handy to quickly open and log, compared to a diary and pen, plus more private as you can put a privacy pin on the app and also as I'm forgetful and easily mood change I can quickly whip my phone out and log my mood/activities very fast no matter where I am really. Very useful app :) Just wow

This app is amazing and I am using it to keep track of my moods to support my mental health. It is simple, easy to use, adaptable, and as advertised. You are not limited in either your activities or moods since you can fill in the blank! Minimal clutter. Full usability without paying (but well worth supporting anyways) (ads are uninvasive) Good for tracking unnecessary time wasters, like that activity you haven't enjoyed in a while but just habitually do. Reminders work great! Love this app!!! Will recommend in the future!!! Superb!

Simple, Helpful and Customizable. This app has helped me manage my depression and anxiety. It's so simple that even when I can't find the energy to write I can simply tap a symbol to show what I did for the day. I can see trends easily and search for dates that have something in common as well. Overall I'd wish I had found this app sooner. Marvelous

I've been using Daylio for over a year and a half now and, by this point, I don't know what I'd do without it. Being obsessed with immortalization and the passing of time, Daylio quickly became a part of my routine. It lets me write as much as I want, the moods and actions are customizable and, if you're a stat freak, this app is perrrrfect - monthly mood graph, yearly and week-day statistics.. it has it all. It's simple yet has just enough features, it feels fresh, friendly and not clunky at all. Drive backup works just fine and premium, for the csv file export, is cheap. Great!

I'm using the app for quite a long time (200 days strike is getting close!) from two phones so the fast backup has always been very important. Since the last update it stopped working though, only one option is visible from half a year ago and I don't dare to choose it lest it overwrite what I've since written. Am I the only one? Could you look into this issue? Thank you very much! [Edit: yes, despite the date it works perfectly well! Woohoo! Thank you for the super fast support :) ] Not bad

It rivals the app SaveMyTime and that's saying something because I also love and keep using that app. I like that you can write notes. It's like having a diary. I love the mood graph. This app is generous with its free features and doesn't have much intrusive advertising. It is very inexpensive for the advanced features and that gets rid of advertising. I don't understand what choosing one activity below the graph does though. Omg

Great app! You can turn reminders on or off, and decide what time they happen. I set mine for 8pm. There are only 5 moods you can move between, but you can customize it with different faces and names depending on what moods you experience. You can also add or remove activities, and add notes for each day. I love looking at the graph as it develops! Worth it!

Fantastic and cute app. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be! I'm currently seeking out mental health treatment and was advised to try and keep track of any moods or changes while I explore a new medication. I found Daylio and it was just what I wanted and more! You can set the time it asks, customize and add new activities. I really like this because I can keep track of any negative events I have and its easy to search by activity and bring up all instances. You can also add any notes for the day if you'd like. Again, this is a fantastic app. You can be simple if you don't have much time or be really detailed as you like. Nice! Great!

If you're hesitating whether to get this, just get it. It's very helpful and useful and it has actually boosted by mental health because I could very easily keep track of activities that I liked doing and I did them more often. It even let's you write something if you want like a little something about your day. I love how you can edit the activity name and icon, as well as the emotion icons and colors. 5 stars, do recommend. Perfect!

I LOVE IT. It keeps how my day is going and it is also really fun to look back what had happened. It also takes away a lot of stress that is going on my brain. I have a diary, but it's been two days since I have wrote in it... so this really helps when I'm very busy with life or etc..... thx daylio u save my life!!! #daylio forever. Works perfectly

This app is amazing! It has evolved quite a bit since I first got it. I paid to unlock the features and I don't regret it a bit. It is really easy to set up and to use. This app has been very important to me on tracking how I am feeling since I had a hysterectomy and my moods can be everywhere. I can also track my stress level and what is causing them. There is so much you can track like location, time, who your with, among other things. You can simply push the buttons and that's it or you can put in your thoughts, as much or as little as you want. I have a reminder for every 2 hours during the day, if I am busy I just hit the not now and it goes away. It does stay on your pull down notifications until you enter it or swipe it away. I have it to automatically save into Google. When I changed phones I logged in and everything was back all my settings!! I didn't have to do anything else. I have had this for almost a year and use it every day. I would highly recommend this app it is absolutely amazing and I would be lost without it. Awesome

I like that it's not judgmental like some other apps out there. It's just you, your moods and how you feel. I like that I can see clearly where I want to make improvement on my life and that I can do it my way in my time and not have to listen to others on what they think I should do and how I should do it and when I should do it. This may or may not be designed with kids in mind, but I'm an adult that's not very techy and I have already made a step in the right direction with my life. I won't give 5 stars yet cause I'm still new to the app, but give it time and you might see 5 stars from me. Go well

Amazing and easy way to track how I'm doing day to day. Helpful in my personal development goals. I know this app is useful cuz I've used it for nearly 2 weeks straight. I used to keep journals when I was younger, now life's a bit more "adult" so I can't always have access or time to write. But with Daylio, it's real convenient plus the notifications help remind me to input an entry. After the first few days of using the free version which is great, I decided to go an buy the full one and I don't usually pay for the full access to apps or even write reviews! But this one is definitely worth it to me and anyone else trying to figure themselves out emotionally. Marvelous

I love this app. It allows you to track how you feel, and is like a diary for a lazy person. You don't have to type much, just tap what mood you are in, and what activities correlate to that mood. I love how organized it is, and the app design is easy to use. It is a bummer that it costs money to use, but it is a one time purchase, and really worth the 4 dollars 5 star

Nice app. Easy to use. Easily customizable. Great that you can back up your data. However it would make the app better if you had a graph with the days of the month on the bottom axis and then the different moods on the y axis so that you can easily see how your mood changed over the course of a month. Emoods does this well however it is limiting in other ways and also doesn't allow one to back up easily. Worth it!

Made my routine nicer, I can look at my days as something I can really do something about. And it became my personal journal. Incredible. It even helps me searching for bad mental triggers. Great interface, has automatic backup ( pro version, which is cheap though) 5 star

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