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I bought fat analyzer mainly for body fat calculation. It gives only total mass in Kgs/lbs, rest of the thing body fat, Bone density and Muscle mass are without any unit, it just represents with a number. It's showing water as zero. Not bad

Helped to track my mom's health. It really helped me alot in tracking my mom's health. Also helped to improve my habitation over medical care. Highly Recommend.

Nice app User friendly app. Easy to add BP and Blood sugar values automatically gets added from device to mobile. Thank you. 5 star

Battery draining since last update App is draining battery up to 45% in idle state. X-Play needed charging every 6-8hrs. After uninstalling, battery lasting over 24 hrs. App was working fine till about 2 weeks ago Marvelous

Don Manu Cooey Tech did excellent job retrieving my data after problem with phone. Thank you Not bad

Great service from Cooey They replaced my defective Cooey body fat analyser within few days. It is now working fine with the app. While I love the app, its functions and its design, it still crashes after using one of the functions. But I hope it will be resolved in the coming updates one bug at a time. I'm all for black themed designs but for a health related app I would prefer white. Maybe in future there can be a switch to change themes, like in some browser and video player apps out there. I give 5 stars only for service and device. For the app I give 4 stars. I wish for Cooey to expand into making objects smarter other than only health devices. Go well

This is a Great Apps. However, this apps can not meet my complete track of health records. I have prostate problem which I would like to keep track of but cannot. I have few suggestions. 1) There should be a provision to create our own medical profiles, with edit & delete facilities. 2) edit & delete facilities for the notes. 3) date & month only are shown in history but year is not shown which creates confusion. 4) the colour for certain important entities like PPBS /FBS is very dull hence not visible. Kindly look in to it. Cool

Best Tracker This app has evolved into the best tracker I have ever used. Easy to add data and love the history section. My doctors like it too because they are able to get information quickly. Great!

Your Gluco meter recognition is not effective. Most of the time it comes as not connected. So many times plugged and unplugged. Wasted so many strips and needles. Bluetooth approach will be better than Audio jack. love it

Hi, all day Cooey has been unable to open. I assume if I delete and re-install, I will lose all my data. Any suggestions? Does not have common American medicines in database. Just wow

It's a medical app under updation I like this app but the graphics are very monitonious.Other things like main problem is data sharing with other health app is not allowed.Kindly update. Must have

Incredible health management app Edit: I have to bring my rating down because theres no way to export the data. I just had to hand write a weeks worth of history. Still one of the best designed apps I've ever seen. The interface is what every app should be. Simple, consistent and user friendly. As an IT person that's something I notice. I do wish I could track my diet as well. That would make this a 5 star app!

Great app This app should win an award for its free service to humanity. It's impeccably put together to help improve patients adherence to treatment and also kept them abreast of their health. It also makes it easy for the doctor to advise patients properly when they review d summary of patients input during clinic visit. It's an app extraordinaire! A must have for everybody with hypertension, diabetes or metabolic syndrome x. Trust me, download the app and you will forever be grateful like me.

so far so good i would like to enter dates and times of additional time points for sugar levels.

My personal health diary I've been using this app for a while.. it has been very helpful in keeping track of my diabetes.. keeps me motivated to stay in control.. the graphs are very helpful and it sports a cool ui!

Nice interface Loved the interface of storing the test results, this helps in having the results handy without keeping and carrying the results. This was of great help in storing my wife's blood result of thyroid which was done every 3 months for doctor check up.

I need help I would like to edit my weight and BP rate? But I don't know how to do that

Cool app Great app with very simple and user friendly features.Easy to keep and track health records.

Nice concept All the health parameters on finger tip. Looking forward for next releases with more advanced features

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